Microsoft: over 2 million Windows Phone 7 licences sold, 6,500 apps available

Windows Phone 7 has 2 million licenses
Windows Phone 7 has 2 million licenses

Microsoft continues to trickle out some information about the sales of its Windows Phone 7 operating system, as the software giant told Engadget that it has sold over 2 million licenses already.

The news comes about a month after some ambiguous figures said 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 units were sold to retailers, although that doesn’t necessarily mean those are in the hands of customers. Likewise, the licenses are to manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, so the 2 million figure could actually mean the same as the amount sold to retailers.

Additionally, Microsoft said the Windows Phone 7 Windows Marketplace for Mobile now has more than 6,500 apps available, which is a decent clip considering it was launched just a few months ago. Still, if you’re comparing it against market leaders like Apple and Google, it is woefully behind.

Microsoft has taken an interesting approach to boosting its Windows Phone 7 app ecosystem, as it seeded it by paying developers to create programs. Now, it is establishing an outreach program of sorts with hackers who have unlocked the phones to allow things like tethering.

As for the sales figure, it’s worth noting that Apple generally sells more iPhone units in its launch weekend than Microsoft has sold in three months but that’s okay. No one expected Windows Phone 7 to be a blockbuster success out of the gates but perhaps Microsoft was hoping for little more box office success.

That should change as an upcoming update should make Windows Phone 7 compatible with CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon, which should increase the potential audience size. Although, you have to wonder how much marketing dollars will be left over for Windows Phone 7 on Verizon after carrier pushes the iPhone and its upcoming 4G LTE Android phones.

As we’ve said before, we like the platform and think it’s a good foundation for Microsoft to build on but the competition is not just going to stand still.

[Via Engadget]

  • WP7 is a Super Flop, are there any phones sold to end customers ???????????????????????

  • Redd

    I like WP7..
    I’d take WP7 over Android any day

  • Duane

    I really like my WP7. I think the comments about it being too simple for tech people is funny. I didn’t buy my phone fo a challenge using it. I want it to make my life easier. If I wan’t a challenge I learn a new programing language or design and build circuit board. Occasionally I app race my coworkers to see who can perform a task on their phone first and the droids loose every time and the iphones usually a tie. I guess the challanging part about droid is getting over the fact that your phone is stuttery and slow to use.

  • Anonymous

    @Johan Ekblom…

    Its not the first time that i see your post this kind of thing. You remind me of some little boy always running around saying “my dad is stronger than yours…”. You are annoying, useless and looks clearly retard to all those people around here that read more than one gadget/electronic/software news site.

    Grow up, get a clue, be constructive or… well grow up again.

    I do have a WP7 device, i used to have 3 androids devices and i have no regret that i switcher to something fast that doesnt say Force Close every 3 apps and get slowly over-use.

    And from a developer point of view, WP7 is a diamond and promise a lots.

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