Blekko search comes to iPhone, Android

Blekko search hits Android, iPhone as apps
Blekko search hits Android, iPhone as apps

If you’re tired of Google or Bing, you should check out Blekko search for Android and the iPhone because this uses human curation to try and provide more relevant results.

If you don’t know, Blekko search takes a different approach to finding stuff on the web. Sure, when you go to the main page, there’s just a search box that seems similar to Google or Bing but the difference with this approach is that it uses human curation to help find results. You can connect your Facebook friends to your Blekko account and you can then filter using slashtags. Theoretically, this is supposed to let you filter down specifically to the topics you’re looking for and it places a lot of trust in who you’re following.

“In a world where people want the most relevant answers on the go, mobile search is becoming increasingly more significant,” said Rich Skrenta, CEO of Blekko, in a prepared statement. “With our iPhone and Android application, users can utilize personalized slashtags, friends, experts and the community to get the most relevant results all from the mobile device.”

The new search app for iPhone and Android also lets you log in to your desktop account on the go. You can also add slashtags from the phone, add real-time data, and even access SEO data when you’re on a phone.

It’s still going to be a tough challenge for Blekko to crack this market, as Google has a stranglehold on the desktop market and it’s quickly gaining ground in the mobile space with Android and its plethora of apps. Bing has also been quietly innovating in the mobile space, as it comes as the default search on the Windows Phone 7 platform and the iPhone apps have even been getting better with features like location-aware voice search.

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