54% of Verizon Android and BlackBerry Users Switching to iPhone [Study]

In a a recent survey of 700 Verizon smartphone owners by uSamp, 54% of those currently owning either a BlackBerry or an Android phone said they were at least “somewhat likely” to switch to an iPhone 4 next week. 25% were “very likely”. BlackBerry users were more likely to make the switch, with 66% claiming that would, versus 44% of Android users. The number skyrockets to 71% if you’re just looking at Android and BlackBerry users aged 18-24. There’s also the 26% of AT&T customers surveyed who said they would be jumping to Verizon on iPhone 4 launch day, despite AT&T’s confidence about losing exclusivity.

While none of that is a hard and fast indication that half of respondents will actually make the jump, it certainly gives us an indication of how much anticipation around the Verizon iPhone has been built up. Verizon is already have trouble keeping stock up, and they were only taking pre-orders. Although the justification for such a switch varies from person-to-person, the one definitive leg-up that the iPhone has over any BlackBerry or Android phone is app selection.

Google and RIM are both working hard to provide more developer incentives, like through in-app purchases, but even if they somehow managed to match the App Store’s variety, Verizon has been championing both of those platforms for a long time; it’s no surprise that at least some of their customers are looking for a change of pace. Regardless of how Android or BlackBerry perform in the U.S., they’re both still doing fine worldwide. Android outsold Symbian in the last quarter of 2010, and RIM is still outselling iPhone in the U.K..

[via AppleInsider]

  • I don’t believe they are “having trouble keeping stock up”. That story indicates they simply cut off pre-orders and failed to disclose numbers. There will be phones in stores next week. iphone outsold Droid X on first day is all the press release says, nothing more, and it was surely expected. People looking to switch will most likely wait for the next version, but may get distracted with all the other new releases coming.

  • Asasd

    So, a little over half are “somewhat likely”? Somewhat likely is not “Switching” to iPhone as your headline suggests. Headline whore!

  • Halosage

    Ummm…..how is 700ppl a representative population sample?? did they just ask the ppl sitting around their office? Please return to the drawing board and come up with clear questions. a simple yes no answer question. will you switch to the iphone on verizon from you current phone? there, simple, none of this most likely crap that doesn’t answer anything for anyonw.

  • I don’t find this study to be accurate, if 54% were moving to iPhone, blackberry would have been packing by now.

  • Anonymous

    no way i can see way more blackberrry users but not 44 percent of android users….yah right.

  • Roger A

    I was a BlackBerry user – I stayed with the platform for many years because of BBM. I was connected all over and simply. But I eventually did make the switch, even in the face of hardware and software fragmentation of Android. While I may not go to Verizon for an iPhone, the decision to go to Verizon for their LTE Android phones may be another story…

    Do I see many Android users leaving for an iPhone? Nope. Android as a market, and as an OS is already rival to iOS in its functional features and in some ways even better, in others worse. Point is, Android users are loyal to their Android platform, and many of them were loyal to BlackBerry but not in the Cult of Apple. So, Android users held out, and I dont think that they are likely to make a switch. As for the 18-24 crowd on BlackBerry, its mainly peer acceptance to use the next phone everyone else is using. If it wasnt Sidekick it was BlackBerry for these types. Going iPhone and following the trend and fitting in is way more important to these kids then anything.

  • Anonymous

    I switched to the iPhone from a blackberry. It was the worst year of my life as far as mobile phones go. I switched back and will never buy and iPhone again. Having tasted the other side, I have no interest in ever giving up a blackberry again.

    I tell my friends this: If you don’t need a phone switch to an iPhone. if you need a communication device you cannot beat a blackberry it’s really that simple. i feel sorry for the literally millions of people that will switch (if this story is accurate) and will find out that while they can find the nearest toilet when they are in zimbabwe (app) they will lose their ability to communicate effectively when they need it.

    Bring on the apple fanboys, but I speak the plane truth. If you need to communicate owning an iphone will make your life pure hell.

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