Apple iOS users are more valuable than Android users

Although Android is everywhere these days, iOS brings in more dough in terms of ad revenue for free apps. It’s tough to say how long this trend will last given Android’s tremendous presence – it’s on hundreds of smartphones and tablets combined – but right now iOS has a pretty solid lead when it comes to raking in ad revenue, especially in the gaming apps department.

According to a Mobclix study, utility app users have a higher value than game and entertainment users. This makes sense, since my own habits constantly revolve around utility apps – like converters, photographic tools, etc. – more often throughout the day than playing games or using entertainment.

Here is the following criteria used by Mobclix to come up with its results:

  • Average revenue is defined as monthly revenue/unique users per month
  • Apps with 500k+ downloads and/or 75k+ daily active users were used for calculation purposes
  • Apps spent an average of two weeks in their categories ‘Top 10? listing and are Free apps
  • Value is based only on advertising revenues
  • Active user is defined as a usage of 3 times a week for a minimum of 5 mins

So we can rule out quick glances at apps or accidental openings and clicks given the minimum 5 minute usage. Also, it’s good to know that the apps included were ones that were actually being downloaded and used.

It’s definitely an eye-opening study when it comes to Android revenue versus iOS revenue for developers, although for seasoned devs, it’s probably not a surprise at all. iOS is where the money is typically made when it comes to paid apps and ad revenue for free apps – who can forget all those overnight success stories that Apple loves to boast about?

Of course, this isn’t great news for Android. According to a post by Counternotions a few months ago, “Like Microsoft, Google doesn’t sell best-of-class user experiences to paying customers. It sells their eyeballs to advertisers. The more eyeballs, the better. The most, the best.”

It’s early in the year and Android is still growing at an alarming rate, so it would be interesting to revisit these numbers later this year.

[Via: Mobclix]

  • I would always prefer to use the Android OS regardless though. The Android OS is such a stable system and really easy to use.

    • You’re kidding right? Android is NOT stable, not by a long shot. Its still very much an experiment, and no amount of “deserts” will make it perfect. iOS is ALMOST perfect. For the time we live, its a little behind, but its way more stable then Android OS. Android OS however being experimental and continuously updating and growing exponentially has more opportunity to be a better OS for our time, and eventually it will be come more stable as well.
      This is coming from a person who absolutely HATES iPhones by the way. I now own one so I can develop for it, but I refuse to use it or AT&T or Verizon – so….. Android with all its problems, Id rather stay.

      • Dmaverick50

        Agreed. I’ve had 5 androids, I currently have a nexus one (gingerbread) on contract but I now have an iPhone 4 also. Android has more features but ios is far more stable. Ios doesn’t even have “force close” as a possible message because it doesn’t happen. It also has a built in battery because you never have to pull it. I pullthe battery at least once a week on every android I have owned. Again, android has more features and I enjoyed and rooted mine for a few years. But I’m like most people, I care less about hacking and customizing my phones desktop widgets and more about having a phone that works whenever I pick it and for however long I want to use it. When android becomes stable and smooth like ios it will be the best.

  • [sarcasm] Nice job with the inflammatory headline. [/sarcasm]

    I think there’s a disconnect between the “worth” of user and the underlying business model of the respective operating systems. By your own words, Android was not built to necessarily generate revenue for developers. It was, instead, intended to further the eyeballs-on-ads revenue stream for Google.

  • How about the fact that Apple has more apps and games then Android at this point. How about the fact that MOST of Android apps are FREE and not charged unlike Apple. How about the fact that there are MORE Android phones then there are iPhones in use in some parts of the world… Combine all this together and sure, iPhone users seem more valuable, but if the playing field was exactly equal with app prices, app selection and quantity and both OS’ were on the same amount of phones, Im sure you would find the value of an Android use equal to an iPhone user.

  • ParkerGonzales

    There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be. Why even bother with Apple? I mean this from a developer’s standpoint, where Apple gets a cut of the profits. Then there’s the subscriptions fees, which again, Apple is getting a cut of. Can you blame them though? You can’t beat the fact that Apple has the most Apps and their app store is the most popular.

    This is why I go to GiveMeApps. com instead and call it a night. Its non native and I can search for apps from anywhere for all Operating Systems in one spot from any device.

  • I think Apple users then to be will to pay for iTunes’ “great” offers, while Droid users are more of a bargain group and now they don’t have to accept over-priced apps for cash-cow developers who want you to buy, buy, buy.

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