HTC Thunderbolt spotted in Best Buy Mobile ad for $299

HTC Thunderbolt Best Buy Mobile
HTC Thunderbolt Best Buy Mobile

The HTC Thunderbolt is looking to be the first LTE handset to land on Verizon Wireless and its arrival is right around the corner if the latest Best Buy Mobile buyers guide is any indication. According to the recently updated March sales flyer, the Thunderbolt may land at Best Buy for $299 with a two-year contract. If you want to go full retail, the Thunderbolt will set you back a cool $749. The lovely 4G handset graces the front cover and several pages within the monthly sales flyer. It was also spotted in a second flyer for a slightly less expensive $249.

Before you get too excited, the Thunderbolt’s appearance is not a guarantee it will debut in the next few weeks. We did, after all, see the Samsung Gem land in the Best Buy Mobile sales flyer last year and it did not arrive as expected. Adding fuel to the fire of this rumor is a leaked television advertisement that unveils the HTC handset in all its glory, a healthy dose of confirmation the aforementioned Gem lacked.

The Thunderbolt promises to be a solid smartphone for Verizon Wireless, but its $249/299 price may be a bit high for a handset that lacks a dual-core processor. Unlike its competitor the DROID BIONIC, the Thunderbolt features a single-core processor from Qualcomm. Other than its slightly disappointing 1 GHz CPU, the Thunderbolt shines with a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display, an eight-megapixel rear-facing camera, a three-megapixel front-facing camera, dual microphones with noise cancellation and LTE connectivity.

Now all we have to do is get Verizon to come clean on its LTE data plans which remain a mystery. Speaking of LTE data plans, what do you think Verizon has up its sleeve? Will it do away with unlimited offerings and introduce tiered plans? If it does make changes, will these new plan trickle down to the 3G smartphones as well?

While we wait to find out, you can check out our hands-on review of the Thunderbolt.

[Via BGR and Best Buy]

  • eight20one

    Its showing 249 in the local (central california) news paper best buy ad.

  • NG

    $249 Best Buy Tampa Fl

  • NG

    $249 Best Buy Tampa Fl

  • B_L_619

    $249.00 at best buy san diego. and the front facing camera is 1.3 not 3 megs as you said. not sure why people keep writing and posting rumors. if verizon is not saying anything then wait till they do.

  • B_L_619

    $249.00 at best buy san diego. and the front facing camera is 1.3 not 3 megs as you said. not sure why people keep writing and posting rumors. if verizon is not saying anything then wait till they do.

  • Jack

    $249 in Phoenix.

    Writing and posting rumors- no joke! I’ve never seen anything like it. Seems everyone even wanted to believe that the release was delayed due to the iphone. How ridiculous us that!!??

    “VZW is not going to release the Thunderbolt until 14 days after the iphone so people can’t return the iphone under VZW 14 day return window”

    Hello? Do people realize that would have only applied to the people that bought the iphone on the first day.

    • Vinarian

      Yes, but if you check best buys website, the website claims 299, the paper add claims 249 – its faulty advertising on best buys part

      • I just checked, and on best buy’s homepage it says $249.99

        • Vinarian

          Awesome, glad they finally fixed that!

  • checkyourfacts

    This lady did not check her facts at all before posting thins

  • El Droidio

    has anyone realized yet that when BB offered pre-orders, it included a $50 deposit… BB ad says $250 is special pricing; maybe it was miscommunicayed, but the most logical reason for the whole $250-$299 difference is that $50 deposit figured in, I’ll bet my penny loafers retail is $299; $249 after deposit is applied… For those complaining about the high price, don’t get it, simple as that, 4G is a privelige you pay for not a right, stuck with 3G if you can’t afford it

  • Stopher230

    Best Buy Mobile publishes their independent magazine on a monthly basis, while Best Buy retailers as a whole issues weekly sales flyers. Since BBY Mobile magazine lists it as $299 that must be the regular retail price, while the weekly circular usually lists that current week’s sales. This isn’t as big of a mystery as it is being made out to be. Sale price is $249. Regular price is $299.

  • Rockonsteadee

    The local best buy as said $249. When I went to the store to pre-order my Thunderbolt they told me $299. The trick is that you give them a $50 deposit to hold the phone. At that point they give you a $50 Best Buy gift card for $50 which you can use later on the balance of the phone which makes it $249. It was kind of dumb to be honest. Also two people working at the local best buy (I’m in New Jersey) told me the phone would be in on Thursday. A friend of mine reserved his at a different best buy and was told the phone may be in on Thursday but could be in as late as the 28th. Hope that this cleared up any confusion.

  • presti4455

    I would not hold your breath for the Feb. 28th release date. I have been dead on thus far with my info and predictions. Verizon just keeps dropping the ball. The Thunderbolt is going to be a big disappointment. I can not believe Verizon has added insult to injury by asking $299.00 for this phone ($50.00 increase from Best Buys pre-order price). This phone will be marked down to $150.00 before the summer starts and everyone will have forgotten all about the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt is alot of rumbling and no big thunder bang or lightning to follow. What a joke so far. I am going to pass on the Thunderbolt. Also, no Skype upon release and no comfirmed release date. What a disappointment for a phone that had so much hype. WTF. It is not that hard if they just think of customer relations and keep people imformed.

  • ThunderFROMdownunder

    They are keeping this phone a secret so it doesn’t fall into the hands of the Russians, duh. This is the biggest effing joke that Ive ever voluntarily put up with. I went in to check on the iPhone4 on its launch date.. got talked into “waiting til Monday (the 14th)” for the Thunderbolt. I sold my Eris that weekend to some chucklehead to have money towards the $199 he told me it would cost. It just keeps getting worse and worse every day. If it werent for the strength of network, I would switch carriers and get a phone/plan for half the price. Also, Verizons website took Skype Mobile off its list of Thunderbolt features, if that is any possible indication of the delay. I had a text yesterday from the Verizon Rep, said it would be there “by Monday night”, and one Best Buy agent told me yesterday that it would be in either late Wednesday night or Thursday. They said since they havent been told of the exact price, the $299 listed in the Mobile Buyers Guide was just a possibility, not a confirmed price.

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