Square Enix Releasing Final Fantasy III on the iPhone Next Month; Final Fantasy Tactics Still M.I.A.

I can’t believe it’s been a little over a year since Square-Enix released Final Fantasy I & II on the iPhone and it looks like the Final Fantasy iOS train is continuing its journey as Square Enix announced they’ll be releasing Final Fantasy III on the iPhone next month.

If you think Final Fantasy III is the Super Nintendo version that has the memorable cast of Terra, Locke, and Kefka, then you’re going to be somewhat disappointed as this isn’t THAT Final Fantasy III. That version is actually Final Fantasy VI while the true Final Fantasy III was originally unreleased in the US until it was released on the Nintendo DS in 2006 with updated 3D graphics while staying true to the original story and job system.

Seeing as how Final Fantasy I & II were iOS ports of the updated PSP versions, I’m sure Final Fantasy III will follow suit and also be ports of the previously released Nintendo DS version, although nothing has been confirmed yet. You can also expect the game to sell for $8.99 since that’s what both Final Fantasy I & II sold for when they released last year. Square-Enix releasing Final Fantasy III also gives me hope that two of my favorite Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy VI & VI, will make their way to the iPhone some time in the future.

Since we’re on the subject of Final Fantasy, has Square Enix forgotten their promise to deliver Final Fantasy Tactics on the iPhone last September? I’m happy they’re going to be releasing Final Fantasy III next month, but I’m curious to know why Final Fantasy Tactics is still unreleased. Hopefully Square Enix hasn’t scrapped the iPhone version of the game since I always thought the iPhone would be an ideal platform to play Final Fantasy Tactics, although the iPad more be even more ideal.

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