Looking to root your Motorola Xoom? Wait until it gets the 4G upgrade

If you’re the new owner of a Motorola Xoom, and you want to get your hack on, we suggest you wait it out for a while. According to Motorola’s support forums, if you choose to root (hack) your Xoom, it will no longer be eligible for the free 4G LTE upgrade it has coming to it.

While we’re not surprised that Motorola would pull something like this, we can imagine waiting to root the device will be worth it. How a mere software modification could affect a hardware upgrade is beyond us, but Motorola can do whatever they want. That said, we’re not sure just how much digging Moto will do to try to find out if you’re rooted or not.

It’s not all bad, though. Since the Xoom is unlockable, all you’ll need to do is flash back to the shipping ROM and relock your bootloader. This is the only way you’ll be able to receive OTA updates, and after you have sent your tablet in and have it upgraded, you can do whatever you’d like to with it from there. We know that Motorola is notorious for making their devices hard to hack in some aspects, but it’s not as big of an issue when it comes to the Xoom.

Currently, the original shipping ROM isn’t available officially from Motorola, but one could theoretically make a backup of the original software, and reflash it when the time comes. This is less of an issue than some are making it out to be, and for the most part, it’s a standard affair. If you’re rooted, you shouldn’t  receive OTA updates, and if you do, it’ll just take your root access away. This is nothing new, and users have been dealing with this for some time. However, since the Xoom has a hardware upgrade on the horizon, it’ll be best to just do what Moto says. This time.

So, readers, are you going to wait to root your Xoom until after it gets the 4G upgrade from Verizon? Or will you throw caution to the wind and hack the Honeycomb tablet for all it’s worth?

[Via: MotorolaSupportForum]

  • this isn’t what was said on the support forums at all… Dan isn’t a Motorola employee at all, and Matt (the forums manager) said he is unsure about this and will get back to everyone with more info when he gets it.

    • Someone

      Not to mention it doesn’t matter at all. Rooted your Xoom? Spend the 10 seconds it took to root it and unroot. Unlocked the Bootloader? Spend the one minute it took to unlock it to relock. This isn’t news, its just as easy to unroot your tablet as it is to root it, if not its easier. You can unlock the bootloader very easily, once you do this can you install any ol’ ROM on it and you won’t even need to root it! OTAs aren’t a problem, like I said its easy to unroot/relock, even if you don’t want to do that the ROMs get updated fast so you’re get all the OTA goodies and mantain full access…

  • thanks

  • TryTryAgain

    I think this claim is hearsay. Only time will tell if this is in fact true. Root if you are a daredevil I guess.

  • Someone

    And this isn’t “hacking” Google forced Motorola to leave the Bootloader unencrypted since its a Google Experience device. Moto provides the tools to unlock the bootloader for devs. Once the bootloader is unlocked, you can install a custom ROM… you don’t even have to root it to gain access to locked down features such as Wifi tether since the ROM you want to install won’t be locked down.

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