Baidu working on a “light” mobile OS

As part of its quest to become Google of China, Baidu has already launched a Twitter-like service and announced plans to integrate apps and search. Now they’re taking another step forward to develop their own operating system for mobile devices.

According to the company’s chief executive Robin Li, over the coming 3-5 years Baidu will create software that offers a web search box within a second of starting mobile phone or tablet computer. From what I’ve understood, we’re not talking about an Android-like platform, rather Baidu wants to develop something like Chrome OS.

Mr Li said: “Right now when you power on an iPhone, it takes 45 seconds before you can do anything. In the future, one second, you turn on the device, and you can start using the box. That’s our mission for the future of the internet.”

He went on talking about the goal to transform the search box into a universal computing tool that could replace all other interfaces. “The goal is to let people become increasingly dependent on the Baidu box,” he added.

[Via: FT]

  • Anonymous

    Wow, OK man that is kinda crazy when you think about it. Wow.

  • Zhifeixie

    wow I am from CHina where baidu is located but I have never heard of that before Baidu is crazy and greedy LOL 🙂

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