BlackBerry Marketing Display Includes Holographic Enhancement

Russian carrier MTS will be launching a new marketing campaign soon revolving around some high-tech displays which put the BlackBerry Storm2 at front and center. Using what’s called a Dreamoc 3D Display, made by RealFiction, the Storm2 will be circled by holographic 3D images, viewable from 3 sides. The concept video illustrates a variety of locales and functions that you could be using the Storm2 in, while the screen on the device itself runs through a few demo screens at the same time. Design firms Stardust and BBDO Moscow worked together to create the 3D renderings and animations that will be featured in retail stores, airports, conferences, and trade shows starting this month. Be sure to check out some of Stardust’s other stuff, it’s pretty cool, as far as advertising goes.

The sheer novelty of a holographic display is sure to catch a few eyes, regardless of which phone is being presented in the middle. Carriers aren’t the only one using the tech; Samsung used the same display last year to pitch their phones and other products at a launch event.

Now, all you need to do is hook up that bad boy with a Kinect sensor bar and the right software, and you’ll have people interacting with virtual 3D objects. As is, the Dreamoc can be controlled through touchscreen phones thanks to built-in internet connectivity. Woo, future!

Anyway, here’s a video demo of what looks like the stand in action, as well as a rundown of how the Dreamoc stand works.

(Go here if the embed’s not working.)

[Dexigner via BBCool]

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