Nokia to hold a Symbian event on April 12

All the Nokia news these days seems to be revolving around Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, but for good reason. Besides, we’ve been hearing all kinds of things about the Symbian Foundation closing up shop, shutting down its website and Nokia picking up the slack where the foundation leaves off. So it probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to hear that Nokia is holding a special event on April 12 to announce something new with Symbian.

What could it possibly be?

At this point, anyone’s guess is as good as any. We all thought that this would be the year for MeeGo and Windows Phone 7, but it’s nice for die-hard Symbian fans out there — if they still exist — to know that Nokia has taken time out for the platform. All we have to do now is sit around for a week and wait to see what happens.

[Via: MadForTech]

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