BlackBerry “Orlando” to Bring Curve Family Up to Date

Yet another unreleased BlackBerry has broken cover today: the BlackBerry “Orlando”. It looks an awful lot like the BlackBerry “Sedona” from awhile back, with the primary difference being the display will be touch-sensitive, much like the upcoming Bold Touch (“Montana”). The Sedona was rumoured to run a “lite” version of OS 6.1, so if the Orlando was meant to be a higher-end version, it would be safe to assume it would have the full 6.1 experience as well as a processor faster than 800 MHz to handle it. The Sedona was also rumoured to have an HVGA display, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Orlando kick the resolution up to 640 x 480 and keep pace with the other higher-end BlackBerry smartphones on the way.

Aside from that, the Sedona was already looking in pretty good shape: 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, and near-field communications chip to make contactless payments and execute other tap-and-go tasks. The status of a digital compass in the Sedona was up in the air, so that could be another addition we see in the Orlando to further differentiate it.

The BlackBerry 9300 and 8520/30 had clearly relegated the Curve family to the lower, entry-level tier of devices, but it’s looking like the next generation might be a different story. Most of the RIM leaks lately have come attached with rumours of an announcement at BlackBerry World next month, so it’s not unreasonable to hope this one comes out too (especially considering the show is taking place in Orlando, Florida). Three devices would be a busy show by RIM’s standards, but if they wanted to really blow our socks off, they could announce the whole stable of five or six devices they have lined up. That’s probably more wishful thinking than anything, but what would you guys like to see at BB World? Any of these phones catching your eye?

[via N4BB]

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