BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard Accessory Launching Summer

Thanks to a leaked sales training guide, we’ve got a glimpse of an unannounced official BlackBerry PlayBook accessory: the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. As you might have guessed, this will pair up with your tablet (and presumably BlackBerry smartphones) for those times you need a big, physical keyboard. Although this is just a rendering, the live accessory has been spotted elsewhere.
RIM has already announced a boggling array of official PlayBook accessories, nevermind the third parties like OtterBox, Incipio, and others that are already involved with the Built for BlackBerry program. I’ve yet to really get into tablets, and the need for accessories like this continue to drive home the point that netbooks are still a viable alternative. Of course, the PlayBook is coming out in a week, and that perception may all change once I find the right use cases for it.
The BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth keyboard will be launching this summer, likely alongside the HSPA+, LTE, and WiMAX versions of the PlayBook. Anyone out there thinking of picking one up, or will the on-screen keyboard be good enough for how much you plan on using it?
  • U4eum808

    I will totally pick one up for in home use. I use a netbook now for almost everything as I don’t do much more then use excel, word, powerpoint, and the internet. All of the Playbook will do better may I add. I wouldn’t see the need to lug the extra keyboard around with me from place to place in my daily travels. But for example, linked up with the BlackBerry rapid charging pod (this not only charges your Playbook, but also holds it upright like a monitor on a desktop) it is a MUST have for long typing, or just ease of use.

  • I sure hope to see a Playbook cover with integrated keyboard – I would absolutely buy it.

  • Gdassoycraig

    well summer has come and is almost gone… starting to get tired of this playbook and all the promises.  where are the android apps? where is the keyboard?  ipad here i come.

  • Yeah is this rumore ever going to happen? I actually don’t mind waiting for the android support since I mostly use it as a web portal but darn it if typos arn’t ruining my life. I need a physical keyboard. Any more news on a release date would be appreciated.

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