Pinball Deluxe for Android Tops 1 Million Downloads

Pinball Deluxe for Android

Pinball Deluxe for Android

A quick game update here for the Android users out there. The other day, I received a note from my friend Sylvain at Mobigloo. He had an update on the ‘Pinball Deluxe’ game for Android, and wanted to get the word out about it… so here it is!

First off, the game has reached a milestone. The 1 million download mark has been surpassed. Amazing what a decent game and a pricetag of, well, FREE will do for an app. Regardless, hats off to Mobigloo for reaching the milestone… it’s no small feat.

Second, to celebrate the achievement, Mobigloo has updated the game with a new table. ‘Wild West’ is now available for play, and it brings a distinctly western flavor to an already enjoyable game.

BlackBerry users may recall (or own) Pinball Deluxe, as it has been available on the BlackBerry for some time. However, for whatever reason the BlackBerry version is paid, and you only get one table for your troubles… not sure why that’s the case, but I’m sure Mobigloo has their reasons.

Pinball Deluxe is doing fantastic, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the Android Market (after 4,000 ratings). But honestly, how could you not like it? 4 tables, online scoring, and it’s all for free. If you’d like to nab your copy, go ahead and hit up the download link below.

Pinball Deluxe for Android (Free) [Android Market link]

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