Foursquare and RadioShack offer 20% off phones

Last year, Foursquare and RadioShack were giving 10% discounts to users who checked into the retail location using the location-based service, and up to 20% for mayors. Not a bad deal for Foursquare fanatics. Now the two are at it again with a new check-in special: 20% for first-time check-ins and mayors, and 10% for regulars.

We’re hearing that RadioShack isn’t really pushing this deal, so don’t be shy in asking about the promotion when you do check in. It seems that most or all RadioShack locations across the country are honoring this special. There are some exclusions, so double check before you decide to rush over to RadioShack to plunk down cash on a new smartphone, but our tipster told us that his local RadioShack was honoring it for smartphones like the HTC EVO 4G.

The current deal is good through June 30, 2011, so if you’re planning on taking advantage of the deal – and perhaps also becoming mayor of your local RadioShack – it’s time to start hoarding toys soon!

Foursquare has surely come a long way since I started using it two years ago. At the time, it seemed like just a fad and a way to annoy my Twitter followers with my whereabouts. Earning mayorships and badges seemed like a pointless game. But now that local deals and specials have turned up, and being mayor of your favorite bar, restaurant or retail store actually earns real rewards, location-based social networking services like Foursquare are really taking off.


  • I already got my FREE TMobile MyTouch 4G so the promo at Radio Shack wont do much for me, however, if I decide I dont like it and go back to Sprint, maybe I can use this discount to upgrade to a USABLE phone.

  • Daspete01

    remember this offer is for participating stores only. not all radioshacks have to honor this ad, also there is no actual coupon or promo code. shoppers are getting missconceptions that radioshacks have to honor it because it also gives the address of the store your in wich is miss leadind then there leaving angry wich makes the store look bad for no reason i think foursquare and any other program that is affiliated with this should have to show a list of stores that are actually participating.

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