HBO teases streaming video to iPhone, iPad, Android

HBO Go streams content to iPhone, iPad, Android
HBO Go streams content to iPhone, iPad, Android

HBO has posted a teaser video (below) about its upcoming HBO Go app and this will stream all of its shows to the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones starting in May.

If you’re hoping the HBO Go app will finally let you cut the cord on cable, you’re out of luck because you still have to be a normal subscriber of the channel to get access to the streaming service. If you already pay for it though, this app looks like a great way to watch your favorite shows on the go.

The HBO Go app looks like it will offer all the episodes from its shows at any time. That’s right friends, the HBO Go app should be a great way to catch up on must-watch shows like The Sopranos and The Wire. I also recommend Bored to Death if you like hipster comedies.

This is just the latest attempt by content providers to provide “TV anywhere” using the iPhone, iPad and Android. Xfinity has a nice iPad app with streaming video and nearly every cable company will have it in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, content owners are a bit miffed by this because many believe this requires a new license. That’s why Time Warner is facing some heat for allowing iPad owners to stream video.

It’s weird though, as the Time Warner app only lets you stream videos to your iPad when it’s connected to your Time Warner modem (or router that’s connected to that). so it essentially only lets you watch it in your house. The content owners think it’s a slippery slope though, so they’re fighting this every step of the way.

For many, having HBO Go on the iPad, iPhone and Android without having to subscribe to the cable channel would be a dream and I believe many would pay $10 or so a month for that. The company still makes a ton of cash off its cable deals, so don’t look for that to happen in the near future.

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