Giveaway: 3 Motorola XOOM tablets up for grabs [Update]

[Update: We know you all have been patiently waiting for an update on this contest, but up until now, we’ve only confirmed 2 of the 3 winners for our Motorola XOOMs. As per our contest rules, we’ve been giving our last winners five days to claim their prize, and picking a new winner if that person does not respond in time.

Thank you all for your continued patience and interest in this particular giveaway. As soon as we confirm the last winner for our contest, we’ll be happy to announce all three winners!]

Well, Android fans – it looks like today is your day as we won’t be giving away another iPad 2 today. Instead, we’ll be giving away three (3) Motorola XOOM Android Honeycomb tablets, courtesy of our friends from NVIDIA.

If you were excited about the Tegra 2-powered Motorola XOOM after reading our review, then you should be even more excited about the prospect of winning on of three XOOM tablets in this giveaway. That’s right – you have three chances to get your hands on the Motorola XOOM and its 10.1-inch display, Android Honeycomb OS, 4G LTE data connection, and it’s powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor.

For this giveaway, we’ll be turning to the magical land of social networks. We know how popular this whole “social networking” thing is these days and we’d really like to be considered one of the cool kids that you idolize on a daily basis. So here’s what you’ll need to do in order to enter this giveaway:

  • “Like” IntoMobile on Facebook and comment on one of our wall posts with something related to the post.
  • “Like” NVIDIA on Facebook
  • Follow IntoMobile on Twitter and retweet the following: RT: @IntoMobile: Who needs an iPad 2 when I could win a Motorola Xoom! –

We’ll be picking a winner from each of these forms of entry, so it would be in your best interest to follow all three steps for three chances to win one of our Xooms. This giveaway will take place from the time we publish this article and we will accept all entries until 11:59pm PT on 4/29. And just to make sure you all play nice, here are the rules for this contest.

Social Media Contest Rules:

  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • You must be a current U.S. resident and we will only ship out prizes to an address located in one of the 50 United States.
  • You must submit your entry from an account that isn’t newly created. This means we will not accept any submissions from newly created accounts in order to cut down on fraudulent submissions.
  • Only one submission will be accepted per Facebook account, Twitter account, or any other social media website we decide to include in our giveaway.
  • If you are caught submitting an additional entry from a separate account, your submissions will be removed and you will risk the possibility of being blacklisted from future giveaways.
  • You will have five (5) days us to claim your prize. If you don’t contact us within 5 days, then we will proceed to choose a new winner.
  • Contest provided by IntoMobile. Prizes provided by NVIDIA.
  • Thanks for offering a simple, straight-forward giveaway, especially the limit on one entry per social media. 😉 Good luck to all!

    • Daniel Perez

      You’re welcome, Bubba. Thanks for showing your appreciation and we wish you and everyone else entering the best of luck! We’d give you all Motorola XOOMs, but, y’know, the economy and.. uh… we misplaced our company credit card.

      • Anonymous

        I think Stefan stole the credit card

  • Now that is what I’m talking about! 😀 I love IntoMobile and their giveaways! Good luck everyone!

  • Ddeshane

    This is soooooo awesome !! Lets hear it for Intomobile!!

  • AzzA

    Woo i am excited :] looking forward to win!!!

  • I can’t wait to win this! Seriously…. I am SUPER excited.

    PS – How will winners be notified?

  • nexuson

    i opened a twitter account just for u, please consder. btw, i am not a u.s resident but i have family there.

  • I did all three, Hope to win, but i probably will not, but cant win unless you try

  • Entered on Facebook. Would love to win a XOOM.

  • Thanks for the giveaway! Just entered it. Can’t wait for the verdict.

  • Pick me 🙂

  • 23RAMZ23

    I’m convinced the #Zoom is a wayy better product then the iPad by far!! I’m gonna buy one either way.

  • Love the ZOOM form factor and specs. Was sorry to hear that even Google is admitting they rushed Honeycomb out and it needs work. Remember when you bought a product and it had to freakin’ work because they couldn’t half-ass the firmware and then patch it weekly.

  • I think everyone who is calling it a ZOOM instead of a XOOM should be disqualified from the contest.


  • RT: @IntoMobile: Who needs an iPad 2 when I could win a Motorola Xoom! –

  • thanks for the chance!!!! anticipation is a killer!!!!!! XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!

  • shniggies

    this kinda of sucks because i dont use twitter and you won’t let me create a new account? basically you’re telling me i can’t enter

    • shniggies

      i take that back.. it doesn’t kinda sucks… its actually quite retarded

      • Daniel Perez

        I’m sorry, shniggies. We decided to not allow new users to enter as we wanted to cut down the number of fraudulent entries. If you like, we have two other ways of entering our giveaway through Facebook. If you’re still not pleased with that, don’t worry as we have another giveaway planned in the extremely near future that will allow our readers to enter via a comment contest and not through social media.

      • Darryl

        Thanks for not signing up for a *free* Twitter account and entering that way. One less person to compete with.

  • i realllly want this xoom like for real no joke seriously

  • Anonymous

    Why only US citizens? why not Indians?

  • did someone win??

  • so did you Pick my name yet?

  • Martinezdion

    When will you release the names of the winners?

  • Anonymous

    When will the winner be announced?

  • Anonymous

    fun looks like fun i want one for my BD in a few days can you help me out ty

  • Andrew

    Just out of interest. When is this contest going to be drawn?

  • Please pick me!!

  • Sgtguthrie

    Who won? Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Was this whole thing a scam?

    • Sgtguthrie

      I’m starting to wonder…

      • Anonymous

        Winners have been notified and should have received units now. In the future, we’ll do the posts about it. Still working on the deets 

  • Anonymous

    Still nothing. How peculiar.

  •  Any winners?

    • Anonymous

      Winners have already been notified and units shipped out. Don’t worry, we’ll have more exciting giveaways soon. I mean it. Working on some fun stuff.  

      • Thanks for the update Marin! Looking forward to your other giveaways. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep enjoying intomoble news!!

  • if you can not confirm the last winner can i be the last winner…. Please 

  • Bucs38tanard

    me please pick me i really want this device so bad

  • Jrap422

    I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want this tablet. ill be the happiest person on earth

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