HTC Sensation pricing and availability to be announced tonight?

Those of you who are looking forward to the HTC Sensation from T-Mobile may want to keep your eyes on Twitter tonight, as Magenta has just sent a very suggestive tweet out. Whether or not this will be a pricing and availability announcement or a full-fledged pre-order remains to be seen, but it may not be something you want to miss out on.

The HTC Sensation is one monster of a phone and likely will be the handset-maker’s best phones to date, alongside the EVO 3D. The Sensation will feature a 4.3 inch qHD display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3, HSPA+ support, and just about anything else you’d want from a high-end HTC Android device.

We’re not even going to dance around the possibility that the tweet above is about anything else other than the Sensation, but then again, the handset is set to be released alongside two other devices, too.

Expected to land on June 8th, the Sensation stands to be a very popular device. It specs ooze high-end, but the size of the device may send some people running to the similarly feature-packed T-Mobile G2X. If you can get it, that is. Either way, T-Mobile will have two of the hottest phones in the US market soon, and that’s enough reason to keep your eyes peeled for any announcement coming from the carrier tonight.

We were initially a bit hesitant towards the Sensation since HTC has locked down its bootloader, which will make it very hard to apply mods and flash custom ROMs onto. But the manufacturer has come clean and said that it will no longer be locking bootloaders on its Android handsets, and hopefully that translates to the Sensation, too.

The only other handset that we’d pick over the Sensation or the G2X isn’t available in the US yet, so if you’re on the fence about your next smartphone purchase, just wait until Samsung announces the Galaxy S 2 in the US.

[Via: TMONews]

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