Microsoft to have strict hardware specs for Windows tablets

Microsoft Windows tablets will have strict hardware restrictions
Microsoft Windows tablets will have strict hardware restrictions

We are expecting Microsoft to show off its version of Windows for tablets and the company will reportedly be putting strict hardware requirements with this like it does with its Windows Phone 7 platform.

The Microsoft Windows tablets are expected to be a touch-optimized version of Windows 8 or whatever it winds up being called. This version is expected to be more flexible because it will be able to run on ARM processors, which are powering the majority of tablets and smartphones out there.

The company put strict hardware restrictions on Windows Phone 7 for a few reasons: it wanted to ensure that its devices would have a certain level of modernity and it didn’t want the platform to become as fractured as Windows Mobile became. For all of you Android HTC Sense fans out there, you best remember that this first started as a way to beautify (and some would say, “to make usable”) WIndows Mobile.

Of course, that has also led many Windows Phone handsets to seem like the same except for the form factor – there won’t a dual-core Windows Phone device out there for a while – and not all hardware makers are extremely happy with the restrictions for Microsoft Windows tablets. Acer’s CEO is quoted as saying these restrictions are “very troublesome.”

The Microsoft Windows tablet strategy is an interesting one, as it won’t be creating something unique for this space and will instead build its next desktop version with mobility in mind. Hopefully, this means a strong multitouch interface is built in from the ground level or else it will just be a bad experience.

While Apple can barely make enough iPads to fullfil demand, the rest of the tablet market is ill defined. Microsoft Windows tablets could still wind up being very successful if it nails the software and has strong hardware partners. What do you think, friends?

[Via Bloomberg, photo]

  • Flops like Wp7 ???????????????

    • Anonymous

      I am with you!  I never let MSFT controlling our life and fate with their pieces of $h!+ !!!!

  • Gfhf

    apple is the one that is tracking your movement……………

  • I think that Microsoft made one hell of a mistake when it did not produce their Courier Tablet
    because it was a clever device and could be made to interface with the Enterprise. Microsoft windows is on 80% or more of the business computers in the Uneted states and proably the
    world the Enterprise is ready to accept a microsoft tablet that can easily interface with windows
    enterprise computers. once Microsoft gets it right and they will multitudes of businesses will buy
    their new Tablets in huge quanties. if  microsoft made a 7 or 8 inch xbox game tablet with 2 wireless blue tooth game controllers it would be a sucess. Folks Microsoft aint out this tablet game yet. they are are going to make a tablet product that many People will buy and stay in the game and do very well even if the apple Ipad is a better seller.

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