Sprint HTC Evo 3D hands-on (again)

Sprint HTC EVO 3D hands-on second look
Sprint HTC EVO 3D hands-on second look

It’s been a little while since we’ve had some hands-on time with the Sprint HTC Evo 3D, so the Uplinq 2011 conference seemed like a good time to get some more time with this hot, glasses-free 3D smartphone.

The Sprint HTC Evo 3D gets its name because it has a glasses-free 3D display and a pair of 5-megapixel cameras which can record 3D videos in 720p HD. Because it has that dual-core 1.2-GHz Snapdragon processor, it can also record 2D in 1080p HD. As with the Thrill 4G, the glasses-free 3D actually works – images, videos and apps that are optimized for this type of display do pop out from the screen.

Even if you get beyond the somewhat gimmicky display, this is still a darn fine phone. For those who have played with an Evo 4G or a Shift, you’ll instantly recognize the look and feel of this device. The latest HTC smartphone is light but it has enough heft to feel like a premium device in your hand.

Like the Flyer tablet, the Sprint HTC Evo 3D sports the latest version of the Sense UI on top of Android Gingerbread. This means you’ll have some cool transition effects, a highly-usable lock screen and access to HTC’s latest services like the Watch app for TV shows and movies.

There’s still no exact release date for the Sprint HTC Evo 3D but leaked preorder forms suggest that it will only be a matter of weeks before you can get this thing in your hands.

I want to apologize for the quality of the audio and the shakiness of the video, as I had to do this in a loud restaurant. I do what I must to get you friends the latest. Let us know what you think in the comments. Any of you planning to buy this Android handset?

  • Anonymous

    The noise isnt that bad. I wanted it tomorrow :(((((…….
    But 2-3 wks more isnt that bad, just figured the palm pre& htc evo launched 1st wkend in june

  • Daniel Fuller

    Dagnabit. I was hoping for it to be out before June 8, because that’s when I get some cash in. I’m jumping ship from T-Mo and my bill is due every 23rd… That being said, I guess I’ll get an Epic(good phone, in case I get stuck with it) and do the 30-day exchange for the 3D.

    • Josh

      Or go a day without a phone…. Epic is very out dated if your gonna go for a old phone go for the Evo 4g, but check out the new Nexus S if you cant wait for the phone. some of us have been waiting 3 months and counting for the release of the phone 😀

      • Anonymous

        I mentioned it in the post but this is a good phone even if you take out the 3D display. I think there are going to be a lot of happy Sprint owners in the next couple weeks. 

        • mammaqd

          The Evo phone series are phenomenal. Never regretted my purchases and will continue to come back. Sprint customers have a lot to celebrate. After being with them for 14 years…I have seen it all. I know I will still be with them for even longer if they continue to carry lines such as this.  Thank you for your review/synopsis.

          • Anonymous

            Full review is coming soon. Can’t say when exactly but keep watching. 

          • ya man they always bring something new! last year 4G this year 3D lol cant wait to see what next year brings 😀

      • Just a quick correction, the Epic is actually better spec’d than the Evo 4G. 

  • Honesty Stick

    there is no new information or valuable updates in this post, I think you were in a bar and too lazy to do it in a proper setting. I am surprised sprint gave you a phone to review and I sent them a link to this shitty page. Great job, have another beer.

    • Anonymous

      Trust me, I’m not happy with the setting but I thought there was value in showing it off again considering the software and hardware are near-final, which wasn’t the case at CTIA. Also, the styling being in the EVO family is something I didn’t catch when it was first unveiled. 

    • Nunya Bizzness

      I think someone needs to learn how to tacticfully post. Do you really think that Sprint is going research your little link because you are behaving like a little douche bag? Your pretty naive if you think so. Apparently, Sprint or the manufacturer thought enough about the presenters work to allow a testing of the device for review.  The surroundings may not have been what you expected but he obviously wanted to be one of the first to get an opinion out there.
      Great job, being a DB…

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for having my back! But I welcome criticism and we’re striving to up the quality of the videos and photos. This was a weird situation where I’m in a restaurant and thought something was better than nothing. 

  • Mammaqd

    Love the idea of this phone.
    I’murrently an Evo Shift customer and I love it! In response to your question: Yes, planning on buying this phone as I pass my shift down to my daughter.

  • Dekack

    I can’t wait for the Phone.  I have been with Sprint for over 15 years and sure they have had their ups and downs but Sprint has always had the best phones on the market and this is no exception.  Was hoping for a June 4th release but I can wait a little longer, even though it will be tough.

  • It has been said that the EVO 3D is getting a rebuild due to 3D lenses getting dangered from placing on back. WHAT news of this is known. It would mean a lot if i could get an answer. 

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