Android Gingerbread hits EVO 4G June 6 – Manual update available June 3

HTC EVO getting Android Gingerbread June 6

HTC EVO 4G users will finally start receiving a OTA update on June 6th to get a taste of Android Gingerbread, but if you just can’t wait until next Monday you can manually update your phone starting tomorrow.

The massively popular handset has been running on Android 2.2. Froyo since last August, so it’s a bit of an understatement when we say that the EVO was in need of an OS update. That said, Gingerbread features are minimal, and most of the UI enhancements will be swallowed up by HTC’s Sense UI. Gingerbread offers up a cleaner user interface, a new method of copy and paste, and other features to make the Android experience more seamless. Unfortunately (or fortunately), HTC Sense already has most of the features built-in, so users may see minimal differences after the update is installed.

OTA updates can take days to reach all handsets, so if you want to get the official Gingerbread update sooner, then you may want to manually update it yourself. This time around, you won’t have to wait for the update to be pulled and repackaged from XDA Developers.

From the Sprint blog:

For those who just can’t wait to get Android 2.3, there will be an easy user initiated option to download the upgrade starting on Friday, June 3. To access the update – from the home screen/Menu/Settings/System updates/HTC software Update. This will initiate the upgrade process.

The software release upgrades HTC EVO 4G to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. This version of Android improves download management through the Downloads application, offering the user easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application. It also fixes the devices ability to stream media through certain applications for the device.

Gingerbread restores HTC EVO 4G’s ability to sync multiple Gmail™ accounts, display email attachments in the email client and fixes battery discharge issues.

It’s great to see that Sprint is allowing users to manually update the handset themselves. Manual updating isn’t hard and it sure beats waiting for a OTA update to pop up that’s never guaranteed to be available on the day that it’s supposed to be sent out. Either way, EVO 4G users are just a day away from getting one of the sweetest Android versions yet.

[Via: Sprint]

  • Josh Baker261

    the june 3 manual update to gingerbread for the evo is not on the htc site today

    • Lansal15

      I just installed it at 8:00am CST today.

  • Nick Fry

    no manual update yet…6.3.2011 at 7:54am CDT

  • Lansal15

    I just installed it at 8:00am CST today.

  • Tocharlie

    still can’t copy and paste text messages without having to first hit forward and then choose the part of the text you wish to copy.  lame

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