Is Samsung preparing to purchase Nokia?

One has to wonder about Nokia’s future these days as rumors are beginning to crop up that it is going to be purchased. If not Microsoft, then maybe Samsung. The Wall Street Journal has received word that Samsung, maker of the Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets, is preparing to purchase the Finnish company. In an effort to verify the information, both Samsung and Nokia have denied to comment, predictably, since it is still just a rumor.

Nokia has failed to make a splash in the way that Apple and Google have with the iPhone and number of high-end Android devices. Nokia has partnered with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 devices, however we won’t be seeing any of those, or just how well they’ll do in the market, until later this year. It’s also rumored that Nokia employees aren’t exactly thrilled with what Stephen Elop has been doing since taking the helm.

TechEye reports:

While it would be a surprise move, particularly with what is seen as a Microsoft stooge at Nokia’s helm, the Dow Jones tends to report where there are at least several grains of truth to be found.

What do you think? Would it be a good idea for Samsung to purchase Nokia? More importantly, would it be a good move for Nokia or should it just keep its head down and continue cranking at making great hardware and let Microsoft handle its software?

[Via: TechEye and WSJ]

  • i certainly wouldnt like to see Samsung acquiring Nokia, cuz that means Samsung would be #1 phone maker with a massive difference between it and #2
    Nokia should keep partnered with Microsoft and let them handle their software cuz right now Microsoft is taking all the right steps with WP7 and Windows 7/8
    Samsung can make great hardware but they cant definitely make great software – just take a look at their smartphones they whether use an iOS skinned Android version or Bada which is closer to a dumbphone than a smartphone

  • Anonymous

    A rumor and it will remain a rumor…

  • Gregnewman

    This would be a horrible thing for Microsoft because they have a deal with Nokia that makes Windows Phone 7 the main Smart Phone OS that Nokia is going to use. Samsung is primarily an
    android phone maker even though they built test Microsoft windows phone 7 devices. Samsung
    is selling no Windows phone 7 devices. What microsoft should do if push comes to shove is to buy
    Nokia’s Smart phone design and Manufacturing division and built their own smart Phones and tablets
    with the help of their ne w people from Nokia

    • Samsung sells two WP7 Devices: The “Samsung Omnia 7” and the “Samsung Focus”

  • Anonymous

    Worst thing that would happen to the mobile community in a while if its true. Nokia is iconic and selling out to Samsung would be such a waste of innovation

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