LTE iPad 3 and iPhone 5 hinted in AT&T LulzSec leak

Hurting for more iPhone 5 and iPad 3 info? LulzSec, an anonymous group of internet misfits, have been on a hacking rampage over the last 50 days or so, which has just recently concluded with some information from inside AT&T. Most of the documents revolve around AT&T’s LTE rollout, including how they plan on implementing pricing based on speed tiers. The files are a little stale, dating back to last year, but the slide below shows that AT&T is aiming to have their 4G network up and running by August or September of this year, along with an ominously worded iPhone and iPad “migration” (probably just referring to moving traffic through a new set of servers). That timeline agrees with rumours of a September iPhone 5 launch. iPad is also mentioned in the slide below, and elsewhere in the documentation for LTE testing.

Over the course of their merry rampage, LulzSec has been busy gaining access to government agencies, FOX, Sony, and others. The goal was mainly anarchist entertainment, such as posting a story on PBS that Tupac was still alive in New Zealand, but they also released a fair bit of sensitive information, like usernames and passwords for various services.

The particular features of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are open to rampant speculation with little hard evidence to back any of it up, but even if Apple just jammed an LTE antenna into the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, it would make at least a few people happy. One would assume that if Apple’s getting this stuff ready for AT&T, we can expect Verizon’s LTE network would be blessed with an iPhone 5 and iPad 3 too. If you want to check out the leaked AT&T data for yourself, you can download the Torrent here. It’s mostly network infrastructure stuff that only wireless pros and system admins will really understand.


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