AT&T to get its own version of the Droid Bionic?

While everyone is patiently awaiting the Motorola Droid Bionic for Verizon and all its LTE goodness, it actually may not be bound to just one carrier. According the screenshot above, there’s another version of the Bionic that just might be coming to AT&T.

The screenshot above doesn’t look to say much if you didn’t know what to look for, other than showing off different versions for Motorola’s custom UI Motoblur. The small code following the version number is what to look for. You can see three mentions of the MB860 and one of the MB865. Well, a quick Google search for MB865 will return results for the Motorola Atrix 4G but if you do a search for MB865, you’ll get results for the Droid Bionic. Say what?

Since the Droid Bionic is obviously a Verizon device, we didn’t think much of it but after doing a little more digging and getting more familiar with model numbers, it definitely looks like AT&T may be getting it’s very own version of the Bionic.

We already know that the AT&T model numbers ship with “MB” in front of them, and while Verizon has more than one set of code names for its Motorola phones (MOT, for example), you’ll find that XT is pretty common. Searching XT865 will return a result for the Droid Bionic from the Motorola site itself, and if you look at Verizon’s latest Motorola handset, the Droid 3, it has a model number of XT862. So if you notice the trend, Verizon uses XT (among others) and AT&T uses MB.

While nothing is confirmed until the official announcement, it would be interesting to see an AT&T Bionic land sometime in the near future. The real question is whether the handset will retain a LTE radio inside. With AT&T’s LTE network virtually non-existent compared to Verizon‘s, it going to need some hot hardware to take on Big Red. A Motorola Bionic just might do it.

So what do you think? Is this a simple mistake, coincidence, or is AT&T going to have its own version of one of the most anticipated phones from Motorola?


  • Never mind.. forgot to read, lol.

  • Anonymous

    It could be. Motorola needs to make its hardware more standard and straight through careers making it much easier to update on a small lap of time between them maybe a device with global 3G-4G support with all bands that’s much easy to update instead of a complicated line of cdma and gsm phones with a slight band difference and a lot of delays

  • Stop propagating this false information. MB model numbers are not exclusive to AT&T. The VERIZON Droid X and Droid X2 both had MB model numbers.

    Droid X: MB810
    Droid X2: MB 870

    Also, the Bionic is XT875, NOT XT865. The XT865 is the OLD scrapped version of the Bionic,

    • Anonymous

      I never said the MB model numbers were exclusive, which is why I said that Verizon uses others. That’s not the story though. Old model or not, that particular model is in AT&T’s system. Even if it’s the uglier, and bulkier version of the handset, having the Bionic on AT&T’s network would still be a plus.

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    Not sure what’s so hard to look for, maybe because it says

  • Robmcd27

    Not sure what’s so hard to look for, maybe because it says

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