Who else wants a Padfone-like device?

Recently I ranted about the Asus Padfone and why I want one. Now it’s time to ask you, our dear readers, whether you also want such a device.

Let’s face it – Asus has emerged as one of the most innovative Android tablet makers with their Eee Pad Transformer selling like hot cupcakes in December. The Padfone looks as a promising device too, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one lining up to grab one the second it’s released.

All said, I’m kinda surprised other OEMs are still pushing the “plain vanilla” tablets to the market. This is not to say we don’t need such products — however, we also need some innovation. Merging smartphone functionality with tablet’s big screen is one such innovation and that’s why we like the Padfone. All said, here’s what we actually need:

A smart tablet case for our smartphones!

We may don’t need a dedicated tablet device but a “smart case” with big screen and battery that would “swallow” our smartphone and use its processor and connectivity, while beaming the screen content to the big screen. Asus figured this out and now it’s time for accessory (and LCD screen) makers to figure it out, too. As a result, they should be able to release different kinds of these “smart cases” for different smartphone models. What’s more – not everyone likes 10-inch tablets – there should be different screen sizes, as well.

I think that’s an awesome idea. What do you say?

  • IMO, the concept doesn’t bring significant savings money or space-wise, so not for me. Transformer is the way to go, and the only innovation of this kind that I really want to be further developed.

  • toni

    The pad tablet portion is dumb without pad phone, which kinda negate the usefulness of the supposedly heavy tablet.
    Most if not all tablet owners already have smartphones so I don’t see how useful the additional padphone can be. It all comes to pricing – if low than maybe people will buy as a novelty, otherwise ppl will just get a proper real tablet like the eee pad or galaxy tab 10.1

    • Riteshrawat1146

      well it will be a proper tablet as it will sport Ice cream sandwich,so u will get a phone mode on the phone and a full tablet experince on tablet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have wanted some OEM to make a 7 to 8 inch screen sized Tablet with Smart phone Os like
    Windows Phone 7 or Android on it so I could buy and use it for 3 reasons 1=Save money on the Data bill Cell phone carriers charge you. if you own a smart phone and a Tablet they’ill cost you a lot if you run up your data usage,@twitter-40861037:disqus 2= you carry only one device around instead of 2. use a blue tooth headset to use the Tablets smart phone escape any radiation hazard they say cell phones gives off that could harm ypur brain, 3 You have the use of 2 high tech devices in the same case. that is not a bad thing. 7 or 8 inch tablets can be made that can be put in a big pocket, suit coat, blazer jacket or  a small unisex shoulder bag.

    • Additional tablet should run with sim-clone (multi-sim services are available in most operators in Europe and Asia, not sure about the US, but I’d assume it’s there as well). So the use of an additional tablet or just a dumb-tablet is the same. My point is money saving is that the dumb-tablet should be considerably cheaper than a functional one. In terms of space, there is no saving either, having a compartment for the phone doesn’t make it much slimmer, and phone will most of the times be separated, as it’s being used as a phone, so the physical integration would be a hassle every time you want to use the tablet. BT headset can be used in any case.

  • If the execution was done properly this could be great! The idea of having one processing unit and everything else a shell of some sort I think is sound. I just don’t see phones able to be thin enough to then fit inside of something like a tablet and be anything better than clunky at this time.

  • Droid Legend

    I was originally undecided about tablets as I thought the ipad was an oversized iphone without the ability to make phone calls… a little bit pointless apart from having larger screens for reading ebooks, videos etc.  But since I broke my android phone I have been considering whether or not to get something like a Galaxy Tab and tweak it to allow calls… but the Padfone gives me the best of both words – an Android phone and a tablet for consuming content, playing games on the train 🙂

  • The huge advantage of this, and the genius of it, is that I can start typing something on the phone, realise that I am about to go on at length or that the web site I am surfing is too fiddly for a small screen or whatever, and just dock it to the tablet without interruption or having to start again. This is a huge advantage over two separate devices, even if they do sync to each other.

    Also, since the tablet contains a battery, you get extended battery life for the phone. With two devices, you have to keep them both charged.

  • Phillip Wilson

    I love it. Plan to buy one.

  • Allsaid

    All said.

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