T-Mobile wants to charge overages for low-end data plans

T-Mobile has always been relatively fair with its data plans and how it handles overages or power users: once they hit a certain limit, speeds will be throttled or slowed down until the user’s billing cycle refreshes. However, T-Mobile is looking to change things up and start charging for overages, just like AT&T and Verizon do.

According to AllThingsD:

“Customers will incur overages of $0.10 per MB when they exceed 200MB of data ($10 for 100MB) up to a maximum monthly payment of $40 with both Value and Classic plans for data including the 200MB add-on fee,” T-Mobile said in a statement. The company typically charges between $5 to $10 for its basic data plan, which includes just 200MB of monthly data usage.

The idea of paying $10 for 100MB seems completely absurd, so this is clearly a move to get consumers who really want to use more data to bump up to higher-priced data plans. Not that it’s a terrible thing, especially for those who might find themselves using a lot more data than they originally anticipated. And for those who stick with the low-end plans, they won’t be hit with surprises:

T-Mobile said it will start notifying customers when they reach 90 percent of that level, and then again when they hit the 200MB limit, offering them the option to move to a higher-end data plan. The changes are effective Aug. 14, T-Mobile said.

This might upset a few customers, especially since many are already anxious about a potential merger with AT&T. Many customers don’t know what will happen with their phones, plans, service and just about everything else that they’ve come to rely on. But there is little they can do other than switching carriers.

Are you a power user on the T-Mobile network? Would it be simpler just to upgrade to an unlimited data plan, especially with HSPA+ speeds increasing every year?

[Via: AllThingsD]

  • T-Mobile has fantastic data speeds where I live (NYC and Long Island) and I frequently use the mobile hotspot feature on my G2x for my iPad and MacBook. I routinely use 4-5GB/month. For me, it made sense to keep this as phones nowadays like to be constantly connected to and use data for various apps. I just hope the merger doesn’t affect data speed quality, as well as increasing the data package fee to what ATT charges. ATT speeds suck.

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile is a crapshoot in NYC. You can go from Union Square and get fast HSPA+ and walk down to SoHo and switch to EDGE. In Brooklyn, it’s even worse. When it works, it works great and it’s really fast. But it switches to EDGE far too often on many T-Mobile phones I’ve tested.

    • o o

      The merger has already affected us and they are now exactly like AT&T

  • Paul

    T-Mobile still has a greeting when you initially call using the same message used for years about being number one in customer satisfaction. It now takes up to 40 minutes to talk to an agent. Instead of doing everything in their power to improve their image and save the customers they still have, they are doing everything in their power to drive them away. I will switch carrier as soon as my contract is up. Anyone has to be better than T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!

  • o o

    This is unethical and illegal to force a plan that the customer does not choose or want.
    T Mobile should just call themselves AT&T because they suck now just as bad.
    It went from the greatest customer service now to the worse. I received a text message that
    I was going to only be charged for the Data service I was going to use. I have no data service and 3 emails and 1.99 cents later I am now going to shop my account. The bean counters have done the number and they know some like sheep will follow along…I will make complaint to the FCC.

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