Farewell to the king – IntoMobile reacts to Steve Jobs resigning as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs officially resigned as CEO of Apple and it’s quite a big deal. Even though he had been struggling with his health over the last few years, Jobs and Apple were tied together like no prominent company. The IntoMobile team wants to share our thoughts on this news and what it will mean for Apple and you.


Wow. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. I’ve always seen Jobs as kind of a dick, but he was a dick that made good shit. I’m probably the most anti-Apple guy on the team here, but even I’ve got an iPod touch.

Jobs has been an icon for Apple, and I think the company will have a hell of a time finding someone that can match his public presence. In a more practical sense, I’m curious to see how well Apple products hold up without his dictatorial standards in place. It’ll be interesting to see how the next year pans out, that’s for sure.


Steve Jobs is Apple. There is no denying that the company will run just fine without him, and that it will continue to pump out quality and revolutionary products, but it just doesn’t seem like things will be the same without him. The keynotes and presentations were just as important to the Apple brand as its ads, and that was all Steve Jobs. It’s sad to see him go, but he has put in three decades of hard work and revived the ailing computer company in the late 90s. Thanks to Jobs, we now have the iPhone, which is undoubtedly responsible for the smartphone landscape today. We also have the iPad, which has transformed the way we think of tablets and slate computers.

With the icon no longer at the helm, and the turtle-neck, denim jeans and sneakers wowing us on stage, a little part of Apple will never be the same again. And while Tim Cook is definitely a solid successor, no one will ever replace the charm and charisma that Steve Jobs brought to Apple and to this whole industry.


We all knew this day was coming but it’s still kind of a big blow. As the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs has done more for this industry than almost anyone out there. While I don’t always agree with some of the decisions he’s made, his style of leadership or his weird turtleneck and jeans uniform, it is impossible to argue with Jobs’ results. He brought the moribund Apple from the brink of death into one of the most valuable in the world. He brought the digital music player market to the masses, fundamentally changed how music is bought and sold, kickstarted the smartphone revolution and made tablets a viable product.

It’s not just the flashy stuff that I appreciate about Jobs, as Apple has become a world-class company on his watch on nearly every level. Whether it’s supply chain management, retail distribution, packaging of products or marketing, Jobs has instilled in his company an amazing level of detail which other companies always seem to overlook. I think Apple will do just fine for the next few years based on the momentum it has but the long-term may be an issue.


Steve Jobs is resigning? Cry me a river. Like Marc says, the man is Apple and he’ll likely be more of a CEO than Cook will ever be, no matter what his title is. It’s basically impossible to deny Jobs’ influence in the tech world, but the only real difference is that he will no longer be the face of the company. Cook has some huge shoes to fill and only Steve can help him do that.

Apple exudes a smugness that’s never been attractive to me and I’ve always sought after alternatives to it’s ‘one size fits all’ way of thinking. It’s just not for me. So when I hear that the CEO is leaving the company, I really don’t care.

No matter what role he takes, Steve Jobs will likely do a stellar job and will probably work closely with Cook. It sounds scary, I know, but Mr. Jobs isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Although this not a great news for Apple and its shareholders, I’m sure Steve Jobs himself approved Tim Cook as his successor. I can’t imagine Cook to be as nearly as charismatic as Apple’s founder, but I’m pretty confident he knows his stuff. That said, I’m believe Apple’s pipeline is pretty much defined for the next few years and Tim’s job is to execute on that plan. After that period, well, we’ll have to see what comes then. It’s important to emphasize Apple has the world’s greatest people working for it, who will give their best to keep the company on the top. Of course, there are new challenges ahead (especially from Google) and that’s where Steve’s “from time to time” advice will come in handy…

Alright friends, you’ve heard what we have to say. Now let us know what you think in the comments.

  • zacamandapio

    Hopefully he gets some rest.  He is a very intelligent and ambitious man.

  • zacamandapio

    Hopefully he gets some rest.  He is a very intelligent and ambitious man.

  • Upsetting news.

  • Geno13

    I think it will be ok for now but in the long run i think we gone to have a problem if they not keep the momentum going if this fail then apple will be screw up big time

  • I would just like to say that I lol’d when it hit me that Simon had said he was probably the most Anti-Apple guy on the team. Then you read Blake’s reaction, hahaha. 

  • Anonymous

    ‘Step down while on top’, good job Steve Jobs.

  • michael

    i agree…Apple is Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs is Apple..

  • michael

    i agree…Apple is Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs is Apple..

  • Anonymous

    Well at least he can now rest in peace when the time comes. They may pickle his brain for posterity and research like they did to Albert Einstein.

  • Gordo

    It  seems very strange to me that he resigns right before the launach of the iphone 5…It really makes you wonder.. He couldn’t of held on a few more months..

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