Idea: More companies should make BlackBerry-like Android smartphones like Motorola Pro, Samsung Galaxy Pro and HTC ChaCha

Motorola Pro keyboard

After Apple launched the iPhone, the market went crazy with pretty much every handset maker jumping to make an all-touchscreen smartphone. In the meantime, RIM continued to push its “candybar with a full QWERTY keyboard” phones and even managed to increase its market share. Now that the Interweb is all about the Android and iPhone, smart handset makers should launch devices ideal for BlackBerry converts, featuring the familiar form factor.

Some companies have already figuring this out and soon enough there will be an array of choice for those looking to switch boats from BlackBerry to Android — among the devices users will be able to choose are Motorola Pro, Motorola XPRT, Motorola Titanium, Facebook-centric HTC ChaCha (not a business phone per se), Samsung Galaxy Pro, Samsung Galaxy Y Pro and Samsung Galaxy M Pro. So aside from HTC, Motorola and Samsung – other handset makers doesn’t seem interested to pursue this potentially very lucrative market opportunity. If I were at Asus, Acer, Sony Ericsson, Huawei or ZTE – I would definitely want to get a piece of the action from the demise of BlackBerry (and the rise of Android). A device with a solid QWERTY keyboard beneath a touchscreen is what it takes to get some of the BlackBerry users to the Android bandwagon. Alternatively, a model like the BlackBerry Torch (or HP/Palm Pre) could also help, offering a sliding keyboard along with a bigger screen.

I can’t be the only one seeing this opportunity. It’s a common sense – many BlackBerry users are looking to switch to Android but they don’t want to give up their keyboards for an all-touchscreen form-factor. Why not offer them an alternative? What do you think?

  • Fabian Heuwieser

    Awesome article!! Well written. I’ve been thinking that since a few month.

  • The same for me. I love my Qwerty on nokia e63 and would be happy to get similar phone with android and touch screen.

  • Anonymous

    Very much agreed!  I actually think for Android, the best QWERTY form-factor would be either G2/Epic style, or for the more BlackBerry style phones I think something like a Pre3 with a hidden slider would be better as some phones which have tried not to be too long such as the Cha Cha have changed the format of the screen which sadly means that many apps aren’t formatted correctly (sideways!), and others with the correct screen size such as Motorola Pro will tend to just have a smaller screen (around 3″) to accomodate for both the large correct format screen AND  a keyboard underneath.  Something like the Pre3 running Android would solve these problems! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    E6, touch screen + keyboard, amazing device.
    Other Nokia full keyboard devices includes:
    E72, E71, E5, C3, X5, X2
    All smartphones, all different price ranges.
    Just saying 🙂

  • GhandiMartini

    Couldn’t agree more. The Bold 9900 is a great form factor but runs what feels like a dated (nearly obsolete) operating system.

    If I were able to run a current version of Android on a Bold styled formfactor I’d convert for sure. The only issue for me would have to be the quality of the actual keyboard. 
    When I had my iphones I was able to type blistering fast but it still didn’t feel organic in a way that a full sized blackberry keyboard does

  • Anonymous

    Guess you havent tried the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 Series. I will agree with the article a full qwerty keyboard is a must.

  • Riccardo Zaffalon

    I would suggest the Acer BeTouch E210, Android 2.2! Awesome phone!

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