Profile of the Nexus Prime pops up in new Samsung Unpacked teaser video

Holy balls, talk about an entrance. With the iPhone 4S hype fading, a new video has appeared for Samsung Unpacked and guess what? The actual Nexus Prime has appeared. Well, just a profile shot of the device is seen and while that may not seem like much, a picture is worth a thousand words. After supposed leaks, renders, and event invitations, the anticipation has never been greater for the next Nexus handset.

Maybe its just the anticipation but the little we see from the Nexus Prime in the video seems more impressive than Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement, as many were expecting a redesigned iPhone. You can tell Google has gone to the drawing board and has designed a truly stunning device. While we only see the profile of the handset, what else could we possibly expect for a smartphone these days that has a display that swallows the entire face of the device? It’s easy to picture the front of a smartphone: screen, buttons (if applicable) , front facing camera (expected). Then what? The only thing we needed to be able to truly visualize Google’s latest vision is what we see above.  And it’s looking pretty awesome.

Lets add this profile shot to the rumored specifications of the Nexus Prime: a 1.5Ghz dual core processor,  4.65 inch HD display, no physical buttons outside of the volume rocker and lockscreen/power button, and all wrapped in a metal chassis. The ultra curved display looks to add that much more to the beautiful rumored specs and adding Android Ice Cream Sandwich just makes the Nexus Prime even more tasty.

Of course, the curved design of the Nexus Prime may not be all that functional when it comes to in-hand feel but that remains to be seen. Either way, this is a phone that will not only be the most interesting Android phone design today but likely the most interesting smartphone design ever seen. This is the Nexus we have all been waiting for and we have a feeling that there couldn’t be a better handset to showcase Ice Cream Sandwich.

Even without solid specs for the Nexus Prime, its easy to see that Google is ready to bring g the fight to Apple and virtually anyone in its way. This isn’t a glimpse into the future. The Nexus Prime is the future.

As the video states, something big is definitely coming.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  • If you’re curious about in-hand, on-face, and in-pocket feel, just look at reviews of the Nexus S 4G; it also has a curved face. I will say, this device seems noticeable thinner and overall curvier, though.

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