Blackberry outage resulted in fewer car accidents in UAE?

Blackberry outage resulted in fewer car accidents in UAE?

There’s a good side of the recent Blackberry outage that prompted RIM’s CEO to publicly apologize for all the inconvenience and even offer some apps free of charge. The police in the United Arab Emirates claims the outage led to a significant dropoff in traffic accidents in the past week or so. Of course, there’s nothing beyond correlation to backup the claim, but as far as we can tell – it kinda makes sense.

On the other hand, there’s a big Facebook campaign running in the UAE, advising people not to use their phones while driving. The campaign was launched after the popular UAE footballer Theyab Awana died in a high speed crash near Abu Dhabi at the end of September. Apparently he was sending a message on his BlackBerry when he hit a lorry…

What can we add? Never and I mean never use your phone when driving. Grab some better (i.e. more expensive) Bluetooth headset that can read messages for you and use a dedicated app to dictate words if you have to…

[Via: TechDirt]

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