Motorola hits $32 million loss in Q3, sold 100,000 Xoom tablets

Motorola posted their third quarter results last night, and they’re less than awesome. Revenue was a total of $3.3 billion, which resulted in a net loss of $32 million, which is only a little bit better than the $34 million they lost around the same time last year. If that didn’t sting enough, their Q3 Xoom tablet sales totalled only 100,000 in the quarter, even with an LTE upgrade. By comparison, Apple solid 9.25 million iPads in their Q3; even RIM managed to sell 200,000 PlayBooks (though it’s a slightly newer device).  4.8 million smartphones were shipped, among a total of 11.6 mobile devices.

Man, it’s a good thing Google’s buying Motorola, because the manufacturer really can’t seem to catch a break on their own. The new RAZR looks slick, for sure, but if Motorola wants a piece of the tablet market, they’re going to have to make something close in quality to Samsung, hopefully without the lawsuits. It’s too bad that splitting the company up into separate business and consumer entities didn’t enable them to refocus efforts, but maybe the Google perspective will help them get back on track.

You can find Motorola’s full Q3 2011 financial results in this PDF.  If you guys had any advice for Motorola, what would it be?

  • Anonymous

    Simple solution: instead of making a new ever-so-slightly-improved phone every 2 months, make a few phones a year with bigger improvements…Less money poured into r&d, customers happier with their purchases, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s face it, with hardly any apps for Android tablets and with Apple defining a whole ecosystem as of iOS 5. It’s going to be hard for any vendor to gain any significant foothold.

    And doesn’t sound like Ice Cream Sandwich is going to help Android tablet makers this holiday season. I’ve notices how sheepishly quiet the Android bloggers have been about ICS- in other words not all what it was intended to be.

    Really, my take is that all Apple needs to do take literally 95% or more the market this holiday season is update the iPad 2 OS to include Siri.

    As for the Kindle Fire, the people who buy it will only had wish that they bought an iPad.

  • Xoom tablet suck for real…

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