Snapshot of RIM’s first BBX BlackBerry smartphone emerges

We’ve been waiting some time for our first glimpse of a QNX-powered BlackBerry smartphone, and today we’ve got our wish. This handset is apparently code-named London, and is due for a June 2012 release date. While it’s not suffering in the looks department, there’s a lot of good stuff going on under the hood too: the BlackBerry London reportedly has a dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP processor, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB local storage, 8 megapixel camera on the back plus 2 megapixel camera on the front. While we don’t have any pictures beyond this one to confirm dimensions, it’s apparently thinner than the iPhone 4, and is about as big as the Samsung Galaxy S II. The BlackBerry London is also consutrcted in a way that it can be stood up on one of its sides, too.

On top of the London, RIM is also supposedly touring two lower-end phones and a next-gen Torch with 3.7-inch display and a slide-out keyboard. Here’s hoping the London isn’t just an alternative design to the uggo Porsche BlackBerry that was announced a few weeks ago. The phone shown here is just a dummy unit, so unfortunately we can’t get any more details on how the software will run, but the PlayBook heritage is very clear. Considering how far away June is, this particular device may see numerous changes before launch, but no doubt we’ll be hearing more before RIM’s big BlackBerry World show in the spring.

[via The Verge]

  • Tom

    Wow, it actually looks pretty feakin good!

  • Wow it actually looks pretty freakin good!

  • Dmatic68

    A blackberry with WebOs Operating System. Looks like someone is doing some thieving, copying and biting. HP needs to go after them for the picture alone. 

    • It’s hardly webOS. The only thing remotely Palm-y is the cards UI. Which is awesome, granted. But, just one UI element.

      • Dmatic68

        I may be wrong but isn’t multitasking is centered around the Cards UI. So WebOs is the best at multitasking. So tell me this . Why is everybody copying off that one UI

        • Anonymous

          what QNX/BBX does is true multitaking and unlike WebOS pause and play multi-taking, If  you have used a playbook you will know what I am taking about. UI is just a costume what’s beneath is different and QNX is a beast

          • Dmatic68

            so on QNX/BBX I can play a video and swipe up and open my email while the video is still playing like I can with my Touch Pad I’m typing on now. 

  • RIM have problem in its enterprise culture and outdated management, looks big but really old before grow up.

    Years before, companies make money from feature phone, it give RIM chance to make money without competition, but when they want make money in smart-phone market, they win easily, why, is that because they hired supper employees, no, RIM also have excellent employees from all over the world.

     low efficient and slow motion speed, when the others come, RIM always play catch-up. what will happen if the others want the enterprise cake.

  • if you qualified production designer,  you will find  risk,  like uggo Porsche BlackBerry

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