Survey: Devs stoked about Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet

We’ve already seen surveys which suggest that the Amazon Kindle Fire will be a big hit with consumers and the latest survey from Appcelerator indicates that the developer interest is there too.

The latest survey clearly states that the Amazon Kindle Fire has the chance to be the breakthrough Android tablet that many developers have been waiting for. With its $199 price point and tight integration with Amazon’s ecosystem, it’s not very surprising that many people will buy it. Once there’s that audience, it’s easy to see why developers are interested.

When surveyed among 15 Android Tablets, the low-cost, content-rich eReader was second only to the Samsung Galaxy Tab globally in developer interest. A regional breakdown shows Amazon edging Samsung in North America for the top slot. At 49% very interested in North America, the Kindle Fire is just 4 points less than interest in the iPad prior to its launch in April 2010.

Of course, there is still a lot of concern over the fragmentation of Android and how Amazon treats its developers but it’s looking like the eReader/tablet market from Amazon and even Barnes & Noble will be a great place for app makers. I’ve spoken with Barnes & Noble about app development and it said that its demographic is highly coveted and its users are willing to pay for content.

While the Kindle Fire is the most interesting upcoming device, iPhone and iPad development is still at the top of the list. I asked Appcelerator’s CEO which platform he would develop for if he were starting an app business and he said iOS would naturally be the top choice but he’d then take a strong look at the Kindle Fire or Nook tablet market.

Windows Phone has also gotten a boost in developer interest, particularly as the Nokia Lumia line is out. As you would expect, U.S. developers are still taking a wait and see approach because Nokia’s Windows Phone U.S. plans won’t be known for a few months.

[Via Appcelerator]

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