Google Wallet hack works on Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Well this didn’t take long. Google Wallet is now unofficially available for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. This is truly ironic considering all of the bad turmoil that has been going on for the past few days, which allegedly has Big Red blocking the payment service. Thanks to the hard-working Android community people are able to get their hands on the Wallet service, but only if you’re willing to root your phone and follow a relatively simple guide.

What’s even cooler about this back door way into the Google Wallet app is you’re still able to get your hands on the complimentary $10 Google prepaid card once you sign up. If you’re the tinkering type who really wants to experience the pay and go with your phone service, then you should go ahead and root your device. Remember to take the proper precaution anytime you consider rooting your device and uploading an app.

Speaking from experience, as someone who’s an avid user of Google Wallet; I can honestly say it’s a pretty awesome service that functions pretty well. Unfortunately, the search giant’s payment service gets a bad rep because of the perception of the Android operating system being flagrantly “unsecured.” If you’re one of the brave ones who rooted and upload Google Wallet to your Verizon Galaxy Nexus, please comment below.

[via BGR]

  • SteveG

    No need to root, you can side-load a hack and it works like a champ.  I don’t want to post the URL here, but if you do just a tiny bit of searching you’ll find it 🙂  Enjoy

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