Kindle Fire ad impressions “slightly outpaced” original iPad

It’s been a month since the Kindle Fire launched and no one knows the exact sales figures (except for Amazon) but a new report from Millennial Media sheds some light on the success of the Amazon tablet. 

Millennium, a company which bases its monthly data on mobile ads distributed across its multi-platform network, says that ad impressions on the Kindle Fire have been steadily growing since launch, at a rate of about 19 percent daily. I know, 19 percent doesn’t sound like a monster number, but if you factor in the hundreds of millions of ad impressions every month, then you’d have some serious cash-flow that can’t be ignored.

The ad network mentioned that the 7-inch tab’s ad impression growth has “slightly outpaced” the Apple iPad, when it first launched in 2010. This illustrates the advantage Amazon has of selling into a wider tablet market, with a slate that only costs $199. This news doesn’t surprise me because the giant online retailer hedged its bet smartly by targeting a lower price point to get the slates out of the door only make up for it on the back end with ads and service — something all manufacturers should take note of.

Besides the Kindle Fire information, Apple increased its lead as the top device manufacturer on Millennial’s network with 25.7 percent of impressions, up from 23.5 percent in October. Samsung reclaimed the second spot with 17.5 percent of impressions, while HTC dropped to fourth behind RIM.

[via Millennial PDF]

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