Verizon: Galaxy Nexus software update on way for signal woes

Verizon announced that it will soon release a software update for the Galaxy Nexus and it hopes to relieve concerns from users over the device’s poor signal strength.

Brenda Raney, a spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless, said the software update will “adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices.” Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Last year when people complained about the iPhone 4’s antennagate, Apple originally claimed that the problem was mainly with the software’s signal strength indicator, not the hardware. It then released a software update to make the indicator more accurate. Consumers still complained. Finally, still claiming that all phones lose their signal when held a certain way, Apple gave out free Bumper cases to shut everyone up for good.

Verizon is making the same claims that Apple first made: it’s software, not hardware. I’m not saying that it is the hardware this time around, but it seems a little suspicious that Verizon is following in Apple’s footsteps to deal with this issue — and the iPhone 4 antennagate was a total PR disaster.

One person commented on IntoMobile about their experience with poor service on the Galaxy Nexus:

“I got a Nexus Google on Friday and the signal SUCKS! 0 bars on 4G and 1 bar on 3G.  BB 9930 and a 6 year old Droid get 4-5 bars in the same location with Verizon.  This has made the phone useless, Internet non-existent, call quality the worst I’ve ever had (0 bars).”

If you ask me, that sounds like a problem that can’t be fixed by adjusting “the signal strength indicator.” But hey, I could be wrong. I’ll put a hold on any further claims until after Verizon releases the software update.

Meanwhile, have any of you Galaxy Nexus owners been having trouble connecting to Verizon’s network? Be sure to share your experiences in the comments.

[via Computerworld]

  • Sdk11010

    Received my GN on 12/20. My phone can’t maintain a data or voice connection.  The phone is totally useless.  Very disappointed.

  • Cardoso87

    poor signal quality in all aspects…i had no problem picking up wifi in my basement but now its an issue with galaxy nexus and when i tested my bluetooth ear peice, i was able to walk away much farther with my old phone then GN…this phone still has major kinks to take care of

  • Scott

    The Galaxy Nexus has serious signal issues. While camping my daughter had the Razr and her internet and data where working very well with 2 to 4 bars signal strength at all times. My wife and I had two new Galaxy Nexus phones and had no internet, no data and no bars. While in a local town my daughter had 5 bars, internet, and data. My wife and I had two bars, no internet, and no data. As an investor data is paramount, and the Nexus has serious issues if you aren’t living in a very high signal strength area. I explained the issue to verizon and received the run around about signal strength coverage areas, different chips, and additional nonsense. Unfortunately for Verizon I had access to my daughters Razr which functioned without issue. As an x-tech for Grumman Aerospace I know a signal issues when I see it. Verizon has a disaster on their hands since the issue does not seem to be software resolvable.     

  • Linda H


    I recieved my new Galaxy Nexus yesterday.  I am aslo experiencing serious signal issues.  I am in Philadelphia so the 4G should be strong here.  My husbandand is having no issues with his Pentech and the signal on my 3G phone is strong.  Apparently this phone will need to go back.

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