OLPC now making it ‘One tablet per child’

The One Laptop Per Child organization has been doing some great things for a while now and it will be adjusting for the tablet age. The XO 3.0 tablet will shown off at CES 2012 and it is just another sign of how mobile devices and tablets can assist with education.

This isn’t an iPad 2 or anything but the XO 3.0 tablet will have a rugged exterior, an 8-inch screen with 1024 x 768 resolution, its powered by the Marvell 1GHz PXA618 processor and it can come with Android or the Linux-based Sugar OS, which is already on the existing OLPC devices. It will also come with the standard touchscreen or with the Pixel Qi screen, which is better for direct sunlight reading.

Many of the places the XO 3.0 tablet will go have concerns that most of us tablet buyers never have to worry about, so the new OLPC tablet will have the option to be solar powered and powered by hand cranks or other kinetic motions. There’s no official price yet but Marvell said the components are becoming very affordable while still providing power, so let’s hope it gets to the point where it can be used by many.

What do you think of the XO 3.0 tablet?

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