Bleacher Report Team Stream iPad app satisfies your sports needs

It’s a glorious time in sports-dom, as the Super Bowl is just right around the corner and the NBA season is going to get into meat of the season but event he most hardcore fan can have difficulty keeping track of all the latest wheeling and dealings of their favorite team. Luckily, the folks at Bleacher Report have just released its Team Stream app for the iPad and it is a great way to use your tablet to fulfill your sports needs.

The Bleacher Report Team Stream HD iPad app lets you choose your favorite teams in various sports to get all the Bleacher Report stories about them. What I like about this iPad version is that the team really took the time to properly utilize the extra space on a tablet to enrich the experience. The stories are laid out beautifully and the little transition animations in the app are a nice touch.

For Bleacher Report, the Team Stream HD iPad app represents part of its larger push into the mobile space, as it is seeing over 30 percent of the traffic come from mobile devices – a rise from 5 percent at this time last year. I really think that smartphones and tablets have huge potential in augmenting the sports experience, so I’ll keep an eye on what Bleacher Report does in the future.

Additionally, I have a soft spot for Bleacher Report because I was one of the first to write on it and saw how it grew from a small community of super fans into the fifth-largest sports media destination with more than 22 million unique users a month now. Over that time, I’ve noticed that the quality of the writing has improved dramatically but it still retains the passionate fan fervor which drew me to it in the first place.

You can download the Bleacher Report Team Stream HD app here (iTunes link).

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