TELUS’ HTC Desire HD gets Android 2.3.5 update

TELUS' HTC Desire HD gets Android 2.3.5 update

Canada’s TELUS is rolling out an OTA update for the HTC Desire HD, bringing the smartphone up to Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Aside from the “standard” features Gingerbread brings to the table such as improved copy/paste, UI refinements, improved power management and video calls support, there are some Desire HD specific stuff included, most notably the new version (3.0) of the HTC Sense UI. Moreover, there’s the HTC Watch app from where you can rent or buy the latest movies and shows, as well as a number of bug fixes under the hood that improve the stability of the device.

In a nutshell, the second you see that the new firmware is available, hit the update button and take it from there. Make sure your battery is fully charged and that you’re connected to a fast Wi-Fi hotspot before proceeding. In addition, having a local copy of your key data is always a plus…

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Scum

    seems to be working fine, although it does nothing for power consumption.

  • dmedge

    I installed it yesterday and have had a few problems. First, the new weather widget can’t find my location with wifi turned on. Turn it off and it shows my location OK. Next, I’ve had three full reboots of my phone with the Tell HTC screen. I also lost connection to the phone network and couldn’t make a call, no bars on my phone. My wifes phone had no problems, same phone as mine but with 2.3.3. I had to put my phone in airplane mode and then back to normal to get the radio to turn back on, full bars since then.

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