CS Portable brings Counter-Strike 1.6 to Android devices

If you’re a fan of Valve’s Counter-Strike and have confined yourself to your PC in your dungeon-esque basement playing hours upon hours of the game, listen up! You’re days of being confined to your computer are somewhat officially over now that a two man team has ported the game to run on Android devices.

The developers of CS Portable have made multiple versions of the game available so a good majority of people will be able to run the game on their Android devices. Version 5o will run on Android devices running Android 2.0+, while versions 6p & 7o will run on Android 2.3+ devices.

As of now, only a handful of maps have been ported over to CS Portable such as a Simpsons house map, a Christmas themed map, a Bathhouse map, and the classic de_dust2, but the developers are continuing to work on porting over other maps.

A couple of things are missing from the full version of Counter-Strike such as the ability to crouch and the weapons & equipment menu that allows players to purchase weapons, ammo, or equipment. Seeing as the game runs quite well on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, these are things I’ll easily overlook just for the chance to play Counter-Strike on my Android devices.

If you want to carry around a portable version of one of the best online FPS games on your Android device, then you’re going to want to install CS Portable.

[Via Eurogamer]

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