Steve Jobs FBI file: Drugs, reality-distortion field and more fun

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was being considered for an appointment by President H.W. Bush and this required a stringent background check that has just become public. This 191-page FBI document reveals multiple details about Jobs including his drug use, “abrasive” nature and his ability to distort the truth to reach his goals.

The file became public because Jobs passed away and much of it isn’t that surprising if you’ve really been following the charismatic Apple CEO. The FBI interviewed Jobs and multiple friends and colleagues and the one bombshell quote is the description which said he has a “tendency to distort reality in order to achieve his goals.”

The “reality-distortion field” was long attributed to Jobs, as he had a way of presenting products and talking to people so convincingly that almost everything else you knew to be true went out the window. Some people questioned his honesty but he was almost universally endorsed to hold the advisory position.

Other neat details also indicate that he was a mediocre student (C+ average in high school) and that he experimented with marijuana, hashish and LSD. Again, most of this was known before and it didn’t seem to disqualify Jobs for the position.

You can read the entire 191-page file from the FBI’s website here.

[Via The Star, photo credit]

  • Lucas

    C+ average in high school
    If we use steve job’s standard to measure the school, probably the teachers or prof get F.

    • Ashik

      awesome dude ….. what u said is 100% correct 

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