How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming to an end and so is T-Mobile’s Facebook poll which asks people how they are sending sweet nothings to their loved one on this day. Not surprisingly, more than half of the poll’s 10,000+ respondents used text messaging to proclaim their undying love. Another thousand or so made a phone call and actually talked to their significant other. A little over 500 of you sent the “thoughtful” picture message which is creepy or exciting, depending on your perspective.

After that, there’s about  300 of you who actually spent money to send a traditional card and another 100 who shared your love via a Tweet or a Facebook Wall post. We also have a little over a thousand people who went overboard and used all the above methods to announce their heartfelt affection and sadly another thousand who sent no messages at all. So what about you, how did you say “I Love You” to your better half today?

[Via T-Mobile; image via Shutterstock]

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