Android overtakes iPhone market share in the UK

Apple outpaces RIM; Android outpaces both

Android has taken over in the United Kingdom as the #1 smartphone operating system in terms of market share. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech measured smartphone usage between January 2011 and January 2012 to find that Android had a 36.9 percent share while Apple’s iPhone had 28.5 percent.

In fairness, this should be expected. It technically compares software with hardware and Android is installed on hundreds of phones while iOS is only installed on the iPhone, which is divided into five different models — two of which Apple has discontinued. Keeping this in mind, it’s understandable that Android has more mobile OS market share than iOS in the United Kingdom.

In January 2011, the iPhone dominated the market with 29.2 percent and Android only had a 20.1 percent share. Interestingly, neither iOS nor RIM dramatically dropped during the course of 2011, indicating customer loyalty to both brands. Instead, Android spiked up to its current 36.9 percent share mostly at the cost of Symbian. Now that Nokia has adopted Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS, Symbian’s market share will continue to fall in 2012 as Windows Phone likely rises.

In the United States, the iPhone still outsold Android handsets last quarter. Apple garnered nearly half of all consumer smartphone market share — 48.4 percent — and Android had 42.8 percent. Together, these two dwarf RIM’s BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

Smartphones in general are growing in popularity as well in the UK. 50.3 percent of the British population owns a smartphone. “For the first time ever, you are now in the minority if you don’t own a smartphone,” said Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

[via Guardian]


    there goes apple!!!!!!!!  ANDROID FTW!!!

  • I don’t think it’s expected or understandable, necessarily. The comparison is of two ecosystems, straight up. Developing a platform that has overtaken iOS is nothing short of monumental. Because Google chose to licence its OS to third party manufacturers is irrelevant.

    Apple had the opportunity to pursue the same type of strategy Google is pursuing long before Google grabbed any market share. They are free to put iOS on as many different devices as they choose, but they intentionally limit the number of devices well aware of the competition. Does this give Google an unfair advantage somehow? Is the game over? Apple earns record profit and is quite content with second place.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the thing.  Apple doesn’t sell ads.  It doesn’t need a majority of market share to match its mission, which is to deliver the best product.  While I’ll argue against the price point at which Apple delivers the product, the product is pretty damn good.  For Android, Google is all about getting as many devices, crap or not, to the masses to increase market share of ad impressions, not necessarily device count.  On top of that, and literally on top of Android, the OEMs differentiating UI layers and modifications to the user experience are enough to invalidate clumping all Android devices together as one when comparing Android to the market share of other mobile OS platforms.  HTC Sense, Motoblur, TouchWiz, etc. are not created equal and alter the user experience in a major way for many users in comparison to one another within the Android spectrum.  Android is barely the same Android experience across those differentiating layers.  It is certainly the same battery eating pile of crap architecturally, but the OEM layers cause enough differentiation that it is not sufficient to compare ALL Android devices together vs other platforms.  It’s like selling barrels of crude to varying refineries who put their own methods to work to deliver different petroleum products to the masses.  It’s no longer sufficient to compare crude oil to a FINISHED product like already-installed solar panels. When market shares are tallied, those who do the tallying for Android should be depitcting Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc according to their altered versions of Android, as they are in competition with each other beyond the STOCK AOSP and are to be considered of and to themselves in direct competition with iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, etc.  To paint a clearer picture, where the “differentiated” Android-layered devices fail to be able to considered all together Windows Phone nails.  Microsoft does not allow overt alterations of software code to augment Windows Phone’s user experience.  The only opportunity for differentiation with Windows Phone is limited to stringent physical minimum specs. 

      • Dustyroads

         Bones to bones, Adroid OS, iOS, Black Berry OS, and WP7 OS are all operating systems. Refined as they may be they are still all built on the same principles and compete in the same market. So no matter how spec’d out or cheap they are, they are still directly competing regardless the manufacture. If say for instance, Android continues it’s staggering trend of overtaking the market share. It wont matter that hundreds of manufactures develop Android’s OS to their objectives, the OS will still rule the market share and other OS’s will become a nitch. Lastly and most importantly is the emergence of manufacturers and developers that have refined Android beyond that of a well refined OS by including sub components that make the user experience supreme. For example, SD memory expansion and Quick actions on the Motorola Razr extend memory and battery life far beyond iOS. Developers also continue to make thousands more free, unlimited, high end apps for Android Market that assist in the overall quality of the Android experience that a user of iOS would likely pay a premium for.
        However, as big of a corporation as Apple Inc is, there is little doubt that they will not be able to adapt to the competition. For now they are just milking the profits off of suckers who pay for over priced product so they can have a chrome apple to stick out on the back of their devices.

      • Mast3rbug

        What are you talking about?  Market share have nothing to do with user experience.  lol.  And also, I like to have the choice of MY user experience thru different devices instead of imposed single interface with no choice at all and a single device.


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  • Down with Apple.

  • Ya you are right the sale of apple in comparing to andriod has decrease.One of the reason is the price also.

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