Apple’s North Carolina iCloud data center is dirty

We all love the awesome convenience we get with our smartphones, storing emails, photos, and videos in the cloud and on the go. Unfortunately, that kind of convenience comes with a bit of a price, especially when it comes to the environment. Have you ever thought about the energy it took to get all of those emails, photos, and videos in the cloud?

Well, Apple is among the biggest environmental offenders when it comes to powering its data factories, according to a Greenpeace study on Wired. Apple has a factory in Maiden, North Carolina that will soon be one of the world’s biggest data centers, all powered by one of the largest coal companies, Duke Energy.

Environmental research company, Greenpeace, did some estimates on how much coal was being used in some of the biggest technology companies’ data centers across the country. Here’s a summary of how much of each company’s overall energy comes from coal, according to Greenpeace estimates:

1. Apple: 55.1 percent
2. HP: 49.7 percent
3. IBM: 49.5 percent
4. Oracle: 48.7 percent
5. Facebook: 39.4 percent
6. Microsoft 39.3 percent
7. Twitter: 35.6 percent
8. Amazon: 33.9 percent
9. Rackspace: 31.6 percent
10. Google: 28.7 percent
12. Dell: 20.1 percent

As you can see from the estimates, Apple is the biggest user of coal powered electricity at the moment. I’m sure their has to be more to the story though, like what Apple will use to help power the NC facility. What do you think about this, should Apple care about using coal? Is Greenpeace nitpicking?

[via Wired]

  • What about the jobs they create? Does that not count? or should they only create jobs in places that do not use coal power, regardless of the unemployment or tax benefits to other states/communities? wearing blinders to other issues is the reason stupid articles like this are written! 

    • Anonymous

      Shut up!!! This is a great article, just deal with it ibot freak.

      • Very intelligent reply mr Heatfan316… by the way, nice job by your team getting rocked by chicago even with rose having his worst night of the year… i see you make great choices all around… and as for the “ibot freak” reference… i didn’t mention “i” products, that comment i made applies to all companies creating jobs in a down economy, not just apple…

        next time actually try and think before replying.

        • Anonymous

          I laugh at that last year Chicago beat us all three times during the regular season and in the playoffs we beat them 4 to 1 explain that? Oh you can’t, don’t say anything until the playoffs start you’ll be puttin your foot in your mouth again.(D•:)>

    • zazuoo

      I also believe that this article is wrong, because Apple has one of the largest solar collection sites on that campus.  

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