Samsung Galaxy S III heading to China Mobile and China Telecom

Samsung Galaxy S III heading to China Mobile and China Telecom

We’ve no reasons to believe Samsung won’t repeat its Galaxy S II success with the brand new Galaxy S III. To do that, the Korean company needs to make its flagship device available across all continents while at the same time signing deals with major carriers.

Europe will be the first to get the taste of the new Galaxy S III with countries in Asia and the Americas following soon afterwards. What about China, you may ask? The world’s largest smartphone market will get the new Galaxy too, or at least the image above goes in that direction. From there we can see two units of this particular Android superphone, one wearing China Mobile’s and the other China Telecom’s brand on the back.

While we don’t have anything official at this stage, something tells me we’ll be hearing more on this in the next couple of days when, hopefully, we’ll catch press releases from the two mobile operators. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[Via: AndroidGreed]

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