How to fix your iMessage bugs

Since iMessage first came out as a feature in iOS 5, a few people reported having trouble with using it. Specifically, when they send a message, they get a confirmation that it was delivered when in fact it wasn’t. Since the release of Messages beta, a Mac app coming in stable form with OS X Mountain Lion this summer, the matter has only gotten worse. Skipping all the storytelling, is there a possible quick fix if you are having issues with iMessages? Yep.

The fix is simple and should only be a minor inconvenience for some: uninstall Messages beta from your Mac. Apparently, this is working for a lot of people who have been suffering with instability with iMessage for iOS. If you’re thinking that it’s odd that a beta app for a desktop OS would affect the performance of its mobile counterpart, it is. Uninstalling the Mac app seems to work though, so you might as well act now and ask questions later.

The suggestion comes from Brian Chen at The New York Times. He has personally had issues sending iMessages more than once. When he got frustrated enough, he ranted about it on Twitter until a follower replied with this fix. Since spreading the word about it, Chen says that him and his friends have seen success in getting iMessage to work properly again.

Glenn Fleishman of TidBITS speculates that iMessage could be a victim of Apple’s tendency to have problems scaling its new services to meet demand. I’m going to take it a step further and specifically consider the possibility that syncing these messages are the issue. When Messages beta was first released for Mac, my conversations on iOS would never show up in the app until an update was released. Since then, it seems iMessage hasn’t been working as buttery smooth as it did initially, although I personally never had any woes with messages not getting delivered. Hopefully everything will be ironed out soon.

Has iMessage been working okay for you? If not, have you tried uninstalling Messages beta for Mac? Let us know in the comments!

[via NYTimes]

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