T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III hits the FCC

T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S III hits the FCC

We did know T-Mobile will be one of the U.S. carriers to offer the shiny new Samsung Galaxy S III. Their specific version of the device, marked as T999, has not only crossed the FCC hurdle, but has also be spotted at Bluetooth SIG (while its Wi-Fi certificate has been issued before). What this means is that Samsung is finalizing paperwork for the Big Day, which will (as promised) take place at some point this summer. We’ve no idea whether the Magenta carrier will change the name of the phone — and as far as I’m concerned that’s not the big deal — the most important thing is that T-Mobile is on board… And now we need to see which other carriers will join the wave. My guess is – all of the major ones will sell their own versions of the Galaxy S III…

[Via: Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    Looks like T-mobile will be doing well this summer. With the upcoming Galaxy S3, current Galaxy Nexus, and upcoming Galaxy Note 2 along with the Htc One S these devices will bring T-mobile up in class with all the other carriers. Pay very close attention in folks if you are in need of the current Galaxy Nexus purchase it from the google play store and bring it over to t-mobile DO NOT purchase the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon like I did. With all the upcoming manufacturers making GALAXY NEXUS devices with 5.0 jellybean coming this Thanksgiving and these overall devices being sold through google play this holiday season tmobile will be the BEST spot for these devices. GSM technology hands down beats CDMA plain and simple you need direct updates from google not some silly carrier branded device.

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