Nokia Italy: Symbian Carla was cancelled, Symbian Belle FP2 to be the last version

Nokia’s 41 megapixel monster, the PureView 808, is going to hit the market at the end of this month. How do you launch a product and get the attention of the press? By holding a party with an open bar! The guys at Nokialino, an Italian Nokia fan site, were at such a party, and besides getting to fondle the 808, they also got some information about the future of Symbian. First, the 808’s predecessor, the Nokia N8, will get updated to Symbian Belle FP1. It’s not going to be the same version of Belle FP1 that’s on the 808, but all the important things, like a new web browser and some additional performance tweaks, those will be in there. Second, Symbian Carla, which was supposed to be the version of Symbian that comes out after Belle, that’s been cancelled. Instead, Nokia will come out with Symbian Belle FP2. What’s in Belle FP2? We have no idea. And don’t expect to hear anything about Symbian Donna either, that was supposed to be the version of Symbian that shipped with support for 720p screens and dual core processors.

But enough Symbian talk, let’s go back to the 808 PureView. It’s obviously going to be the best camera phone on the market when it launches, but how many people are going to avoid it once they realize it doesn’t run one of today’s fancy new operating systems? Windows Phone is Nokia’s future, so we should be asking Nokia when they plan to bring PureView technology to Microsoft’s platform. Right now they’re not saying anything, which has us a bit concerned since the Finnish handset maker is nosediving. Unless they can announce a device that gets people excited, then there’s only so many quarters they can keep on bleeding through.

What do you think, will the 808 sell despite the fact that it runs Symbian?

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  • Bradley Larcher

    The 808 will sell. There are still many Symbian fans as well as photo buffs that will gladly pick this up. In my opinion, there is no other OS that has the versatility of Symbian, and it could have lived on for a bit longer if Elop didn’t call it a burning platform. Also, even non-Symbian fans will pick it up because of the beauty and nostalgia of the device.

    • Quintus Murray

      for the camera yeah but symbian doesn’t even support dual core until well too bad they’re dead

      • charles

        Symbian doesn’t need dual core my e7 running belle runs smoother then my friends dual core android phone. you don’t just put crap in a phone cause you can its all about balance and that’s what nokia has always given if you put a big cpu in the phone I will kill your battery faster so you then have to put a bigger battery in and so fourth. instead just put in what the phone needs so you can get other features on the phone that no one else puts in cause they spend the phones value on trumped up cpus and big batteries to run them. nokia has the most feature filled phones on the market from nfc to fm transmiters other phones are left in the dust

  • Anonymous

    I will consider buying it  but where is the marketing, where is its actual availability. No wonder Nokia are hemorrhaging sales – they are devoting all marketing to Windows Phone.

  • Symbian works for me, will buy the 808 and replace my N8.

    •  Me, too!

      • Elvis Justino

        Me, too! ²

  • Anonymous

    I think Symbian was actually gaining a lot of ground with Belle, but I still have to say this is the right decision. If Nokia is working on a low-end OS (sonic/meltemi?) and at the same time focusing on WP for the mid/high-end, there’s no point in pouring more money into the sinking ship that is Symbian.
    It’s a bit of a shame, but nostalgia and indecisiveness characterized Nokia for too long, leading the company to where it is now.

  • Eric Aleman

    If this information is true and is official, you can be sure as hell the 808 wont sell AT ALL. And after the other rumour that the Windows Phone with pureview could have less pixels (to slim down and use a smaller configuration, aka crappier photos) this is definitely bad news to the consumer.

  • Anonymous

    I will buy it. It works for me, camera/video is and always has been the key feature of any phone for me since my last digital camera broke (in 2004).
    Apps are like game consoles, after the initial glut of trying out lots of apps, you end up settling down with just a few core apps. Plus, with the upgrade cycle of phones and OS’s, it really doesn’t matter that much that an app I am using now, is still working in 2-3 years time, and by that time, it would be time to upgrade and I can get something else.

  • Mitchem

    completely crazy…just as we think that it’s going be eclisped by windows and it bounced back higher than before with carla ahead…with carla on my future 808 i will not envy other os…lol “hourra symbian’ 

  • Mitchem

    completely crazy…just as we think that it’s going be eclisped by windows and it bounced back higher than before with carla ahead…with carla on my future 808 i will not envy other os…lol “hourra symbian’ 

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