Game of Phones [Infographic]

Game of Phones

App Annie is out with another infographic, titled Game of Phones, which – as you can assume – deals with mobile gaming. Without further ado, here are the highlights:

  • iOS may be ruling the mobile gaming market at present, but Android is getting there with emerging markets playing a major role. Brazil in particular presents an important market for Android, with Google Play revenues growing 88% year to date.
  • 60% of worldwide revenue is driven by three key markets, U.S. being the largest market for both Android and iOS.
  • Top countries by downloads – iOS: U.S., China, Japan; Android: U.S., UK, Germany.
  • Top countries by revenue – iOS: U.S., Japan, UK; Android: U.S., UK, Japan.
  • Fastest growing countries by revenue – iOS: Japan, Russia, U.S., France; Android: Brazil, Japan, Russia, U.S.

And here’s how it all comes together in an infographic…

Game of Phones - Infographic

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