Weekend rant: Why I may buy Microsoft Surface RT once it’s released?

Why I may buy Microsoft Surface RT once it's released?

With Nexus 7 getting all the attention these days, I decided to take a step back and rant about my next tablet purchase. First of all, let me say that I like Google’s new tablet as it offers an incredible bang for the buck. However, it has a darn small screen by today’s standards. I used to love 7-inch tablets more than their 10-inch counterparts, but these days the situation is different. I’m about to get the Samsung Galaxy S III that has a 4.8-inch display and want my tablet to have a much bigger screen. 10 inches isn’t perfect size for my taste — it’s 8.9-inch — but it’s definitely a better option and the one, as the rumors are saying, that is also considered by Google.

The problem with all Android tablets (and iPad for that matter) is that they’re all made for media consumption and gaming. Sure you can browse and even edit documents, manage your email and notes… and that’s about it. My issue is that I want a portable office with serious software installed (not “bigger mobile apps”) and no modern tablet released thus far can do the job. Again, my needs (and the software I use) may be different than yours.

So I was thinking that the Microsoft Surface could be the solution. I want the cheaper model with NVidia Tegra 3 processor since I already have a pretty light laptop (Toshiba Portege Z835 with Core i7 CPU) which weighs less than 2.5 lbs (about 1.13 kg). The more expensive Surface with Win 8 Pro isn’t that much lighter than my current laptop and is definitely less powerful [than laptop]. And although I need a portable office that solution doesn’t have to be as quick and responsive as my main computer – that wouldn’t be fair to expect. I just hope the RT version will be up for the task. Being able to access regular Windows apps and have a relatively light device (Surface RT weighs 23.81 oz or 675 grams) that can do the trick sounds like a dream come true. I may expect too much from Microsoft but if they manage to deliver on that front, I’ll love ’em…

  • Michael A. Volz

    If I am not mistaken, there is no way to start regular Windows Apps from the Windows RT version. Only Metro apps!

    • True, but metro is the future of windows in a lot of ways. And you will still have office RT. Now, that won’t be full office, but it will still have tons more functionality than any of the apple or android offerings, and would have skydiver integration (which is better than Google Docs, in my experience).

    • Yeah – but I do hope developers will move many of their Windows apps to the new platform.

  • Gregory C Newman

    The Windows RT tablet is a interesting product although it will not run standard x86 desktop and laptop programs like it’s big brother the “Surface PRO”, it comes loaded with a special version of Microsoft Office programs which are “Word”, “Excel”, “Power Point”, and “One Note”. A person can use these programs to really do some serious office work , Write a book. Write an article, ect. This one of the strong punts of buying the Microsoft Windows 8 “RT” tablet computer. The Windows 8 “RT” Tablet how ever only uses Metro Apps. Microsoft is getting as many developers as it can to make Metro apps for it. Unfortunately it may take time one to two years for Windows 8 “RT” tablet computers to get enough Apps to be considered an alternative to the “IPAD”. because it has a full sized Usb 2 port you hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse or use it’s keyboard Cover which may or not come with it when you buy it. At least right out of the Box the Windows “RT” tablet can be useful to a business person , Student. or Regular person because it has Microsoft office included in it when you buy it from Microsoft or one of Microsoft’s “OEMs”  that will be selling them and of course you will be able to surf the web to do your Email, buy items or get information and Entertaining Games, Movies, Music, TV shows, Ebooks, so it wont be a useless waste of your money to buy it

  • Anonymous

    This is a pretty good article and I am sure there are a lot of people looking for a light version of a laptop to take on vacation or go to school where it makes a lot of sense to have a long battery life and MS Office products. I’ve used Excel on Apple, and I have to say there are problems with that ported version, especially when you get up to the more sophisticated functions involving accessing the web to pull data. If the RT version is a version that has those sophisticated versions, I’m down with that and having a full blown laptop and a RT Tablet, well that works perfectly for me.

  • Anonymous

    Tend to agree,  Surface RT will fit in very well for both work and consumption.  It has some key advantages over other tablets and looking forward to get one.  Metro certainly grows on you after some time and all other interfaces feel so outdated.

  • Davenjac

    I’ll bet you a Surface RT that Barnes and Noble will have exclusive right to sell the device…

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