AT&T announces shared data plans to compete with Verizon

AT&T announced its shared data plans Wednesday morning and the plans are very similar to what Verizon has to offer. Just like  Verizon, AT&T’s plans let customers can pick from a bucket of data that starts at 1GB for $40 per month. The plans then jump up to 4GB for $70, 6GB for $90, 10 GB for $120, 15 GB for $160 and a whopping 20 GB for $200.

Each smartphone on the plan costs extra and the amount you pay depends on the data bucket you choose. For the lowest plan of 1GB, each smartphone will set you back an extra $45 per month while the same phone will cost you $40 on the 4GB plan. Customers on the 10GB plan or higher will only pay $30 a month for a smartphone. If you have a basic phone instead of a smartphone, you will incur a charge of $30 each month, while laptops and modems will cost $20. At the bottom of the pile are tablets which will cost a reasonable $10 each per month.

[Via AT&T]

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